all good things are wild & free

A few pictures for you.

jfac day4: happiness is.....
jfac day 5: it's all in the details
jfac day 6: free choice
this owl was an ad for Sweet & Low. Now, where ever this designer is, I really just want to give them a HUGE shout out! How stinking cute is this?! I love it. So so so cute!!!!

"All Good Things Are Wild and Free"
-h.d. thoreau
we share initials :P

This is my favorite quote right now! I found it while at work about a week ago and it's still floating around in my head. I remember in high school when we studied Thoreau & Emerson. I remember thinking that they had everything figured out. I remember being really impressed and really moved by their thoughts. I had forgotten all those things until I found this quote. It makes me want to scamper away into the woods with nothing and just live. *sigh* Simplicity would be so nice. (except I would die in this heat!)
LOOK! I still crochet! I promise! I've been working on this for about a month now. It's a slow process, but I hope to have it done SOON! I have many other projects tinkering around in my head that need to come out! SO, when I AM done, you will see it dear friends. Let's just say that it involves some Great Granny Square Swap things :)

Have a Sweet Sunday!
Go & Live Freely!

pee ess: I've been meaning to tell you about this really cool movie I saw a while back! The title was "Keith" I can't find a way to post a picture, but click on that link it will take you to IMDB (International Movie Database). The movie has Jesse McCartney in it. He's never been a big deal to me and it took me a while to figure out why he looked so familiar in the movie. But, you should watch this movie. I really loved the feel, the emotions and the over all plot. If you watch it, tell me what you thought! (for those of you who have netflix, you can watch it instantly!)


With Love, Jamie said...

I love your pages!! The last one is so adorable & I love that quote!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

lovely pages, i just love them!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

just saw your comment on my post- thats awesome that you and your hubby are youth leaders. we MUST share stories. here's my email: kellz0505@gmail.com