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Journal For A Cause One
If you haven't figured it out yet, my life is one happy mess. I'm okay with that and I feel like this blog reflects me pretty well. I'm not that focused 100% of the time and I get obsessed with things easily... like right now it's journaling. :) Tomorrow it will be reading. Saturday it will be crocheting. I like life and I like stuff... So as we try to sort out this tangled mess of my life just bear with me and just know that you can get comfy here...

I hope you guys are ready for some cool ideas, because over on Freckled Nest (my new home away from home! I could spend HOURS looking at her site & all the things L.A. does. so AMAZING) On her site there is this awesome HOW-TO section where she shares all kindsa goodies like how to pay off your debts (thank you for that.. i'm totally taking some tips there!), how to stay motivated while crafting, how to make a button ring..etc. Well, she also has this really cool article on Journaling! It was really helpful to me and gave me a ton of design ideas and I just have to share it with you!
Go over there and browse around & get inspired! Get out a notebook and doodle and let your caged up mind free! It's so much fun and it makes me so giddy to be inspired again!


Kamisaurus said...

Very cool! What kind of pens/markers are you using?

an9e1a said...

I love your page! My life is a bit of a happy mess too!! :)

heather dawn said...

Thank you!!
@kamisaurus I used Liquid Metals Metallic Markers by Sargent Markers. I got them at the School Box for @2.99 :) I've also got some gitter markers to use too! I found them in wal-mart last night!

With Love, Jamie said...

I love your first page!
I feel ya on the lovin' new things everyday day things-I do the same! :)
xx, Jamie