hello dearies!
i have a BUTTON now! yay! it's getto & hand drawn because photoshop costs waaaay to much for a mac & im too far from my old PC with it.. i like this way anyhow. it's cute and ME! so, add it to your BLAHGS! :D oh, and i have a signature now too tehe! 


you're gonna miss this...

when you have your first child 
and seasoned veteran parents
tell you that you will 
miss these days

don't roll your eyes
huff and puff in your mind
and think how could you miss
those nights where precious sleep was lost
and nerves were worn thin

just smile and grin
because in just a few short weeks
you to will realize the importance 
of those words

they understood that newborns to quickly 
become infants and toddlers
and that time literally evaporates
in the blink of an eye

doodle is now 5 months old (well, almost.) it's scary how fast she's grown

this is her first photo shoot for mommy's crochetlove. she was happy at first
but it quickly turned into a littly bit of fussyness
then full out pissed mode 
then she fell asleep

these really made me what to cry... because when we brought her home she was so tiny
i was so scared for her to be in her car seat,
which seemed to swallow her whole
i was terrified to bathe her because 
she was so fragile and little
scared for her to sleep anywhere other than next to me
because what if she stopped breathing?
she had to be close
because something this sweet 
just needs to be cherished
and loved
and loved
and loved
and hugged
and snugged
and loved
because she's an angel
even when she's upset and mad
she's an angel and she's mine
this is my little girl
my namesake 
parts of me
the best parts
this is my daughter
and no matter how quickly she grows
i will cherish every moment
4 months 3 weeks


we interrupt your program....

to bring you a very special announcement!

from the makers of heatherlymade & nataliexmarie:

that's right friends! After our craft show bust 
we just had to get our stuff out there & into the hands of some eager cutesy-pie's!

If you guys don't know, nataliexmarie is my bestie!! 
but she also makes some really fantastic jewelry! 
From her love of owls, she has created a whole line
of loving owl ear rings, and let me tell ya, they're a HOOT
Not only does she used her beloved owls
as inspiration, but nature influences 
are also found in her crafty goodness.
Using leaves, flowers & birds nataliexmarie's ear rings
are the perfect match for any and all occasions.
Just the other day I was wearing
a very coveted pair of owl ear rings.
The ear rings featured a little owl 
perched on a branch.
He was adorned with black and green beads.
He dangled ever so perfectly & several 
envious looks were thrown my way!!!

As for heatherlymade... well, 
it's just a little something 
I refused to give up.
And by that I mean that I'm a self-taught crocheter. 
Yep, I grabbed up a book at wal*mart 
(:| closest thing to a craft store within 60 miles..bummer.)
& began the journey that took nearly 3 months to even figure out what a double crochet stitch was. (Seriously, it was hideous.)
I tried to give it up. A lot.
Crochet was a mystery to which I couldn't
help but solve & I honestly couldn't rest until I figured it out.
But, now I love crocheting. I don't know if it's because
of all the pretty yarn colors,
or the fact that crochet has purpose,
but I like the way crocheting makes me feel.
I feel like I'm actually making 
something useful. Whether it's dish cloths, coasters or scarves
I know that what I'm making will be used
& that's really important to me.
Besides, it is really fun to have handmade things &
with crochet you can make so much!!!
ok, enough rambling!!!

on with the GIVEAWAY

so... here's what we got!

from nataliexmarie:
one pair of teal & yellow button earrings; 
one pair of  teal & yellow lovey owl earrings; 

from heatherlymade:
a set of 4 cotton crochet coasters in dusty teal & chocolate 
a barista cozy in mustardy yellow!!

don't you want to be ever so stylish in these cute little guys?!

I am already a huge fan of buttons!! I actually have 2 pairs of these little gems & I wear them often! Button earrings are so great, especially when I don't feel like wearing a heavy pair of earrains all day. They are cute & different & just make me all giddy inside!!

so... here's what you gotta do!
(each task counts as one entry & leave a comment for EACH otherwise it won't be counted!
please include your name && e-mail address!!)

-follow nataliexmarie & heatherxdawn on twitter
-tweet about this give away 

-comment on what your favorite item in the give away is & WHY.

-follow natalie & I on blogspot 
(for extra points encourage natalie to become a frequent blogger ;) srsly. 2 extra points.)
-blog about this give away

-visit our etsy shops & tell us what you like or would like to see :

GIVE-A-WAY CLOSES ON OCTOBER 15, 2009 at 12:00 a.m. EST.
The winner will be chosen via random.org & posted.
Also, the winner will receive an e-mail from me and have 48 hours to respond!

There are 7 other contestants who will be added at the close of the give-a-way. These contestants are the only people who registered at our table at the craft show this past week. Our small response is the reason we've extended the give-a-way to our internet pals.
so... SIGN ON UP!!!! 
&goodluck to EVERYONE!! :))))

EDITED SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 1:54 a.m.
(see red text for edited portions of this post. sorry for the scatter brain..)


crafty business

Hello, lovelies! I made it to and from my weekend trip safely! In the midst of all the rain & flooding here in the atl., I'm surprised it wasn't worse when I came through on Saturday. Anyways, I have tons to tell you about and a few pictures to show you and even a SURPRISE!! Yes, a surprise & trust me you will want to tell all your friends! ;)our set up on day one @ the emporium. no one wanted to take a peek at what we had going on.. so we moved things around a bit at the end of the day. 
I finally got around to typing some sort of bio/explanation for heatherlymade. It is very strange how I HAVE to be away from home to have some sort of creative edge to come up with witty little sayings.. but I finally birthed some cute little words. I'll probably change my about me info to this.. so you will see it soon. (if you want a quick peek, just zoom in on that thang! ;)

this is a little quickie i hooked up the day before the show. I used some lion brand thick-n-quick I've had since last Christmas & I have to say that this scarf is so soft and squishy that I really hoped it didn't sell. And well, it didn't. :D (but thats really another story & I'll talk about it a little later...)
we had a sign up sheet for a GIVEAWAY! and only a few people signed up! SO.... GUESS WHAT!?!? We're going to EXTEND our little give away to our ONLINE friends.. seeing as how we had to use some "fake" names to get out list going (no-one wanted to be the first to sign up.. you know how people are sometimes. ;)) SO.. go to the BOTTOM of this post for details!!!!!!
Natalie displayed her crafty business cards in this cute tea cup!
some crafy business of natalie's. can i just say that if you  like owls, leaves or birds, you will LOVE her earrings. very soon she will post some more things to her etsy & you guys should really show her some love. her debut wasn't as amazing as she had hoped for & her earrings are way to cute & amazing to go unnoticed and whatnot. check out her etsy- www.nataliexmarie.etsy.com

my little leafy necklaces were a BUST. can YOU BELIEVE THAT!? I so thought they would be the hit of the day, but it seems that they were not. What did sell was my little happy dishcloths!!! Can you believe that?! I had a customer come by and she touched and felt and picked them up & asked me to hold them for her. She purchased all of my dishcloths (plus the 3 more I made the first night to put out for the next day), a set of flowered coasters, my little hippie head band, the three chains headband & some flower appliques. I was so happy that she was there at the show. she sent over her friend who also bought some flower appliques. she was a fellow crocheter so i had to share some tiny secrets with her about where to find some awesome patterns. so. I had two customers. Natalie had one customer besides me & her friend Mandy. Her customer was a little girl probably about 12 or 13. Her and a little friend came up and were so grown-up about picking out some earrings. They loved all of natalie's pairs and had a very grown up discussion on how to purchase a pair. It was funny to listen to.

Well, all around it was an adventure and a lesson to learn about the art of selling things. First lesson learned, you have to sell in a market where your things are what people want. Where we were was the wrong market place for our things. Second, your display is WHO you are as a seller and WHAT you want someone to see you as... so make a lasting impression. Third, sitting back and watching reactions is the best way to find out what your work is like. I really felt like I was an okay crocheter... after this weekend I feel like I am really great at it. I received so many compliments on how nice my work was & how beautiful things were. I was very pleased with that. And the last bit of information I learned was this, craft shows are BORING to be at all day... at least we had a few good things to occupy our time with, like the man beside us who was selling his homemade bidet...yea, little toilet squirter... (and let me tell ya he sold a BUNCH of them.. a little creepy) and the man across from us who was just to LARGE to understand what was going on exactly and the AWFUL music they played (it was like being in a crappy elevator with crappy piano music all day.
Needless to say, I had fun, I sold somethings and I learned somethings. Keep checking my etsy from time to time... I will slowly be adding some new products left over from the sale. I have tons of things I made and didn't add!!

ok, what you're all waiting for- A GIVE-A-WAY:
Natalie and I put together a little give way with some nice little things from her and some nice little things from me. SO... I will be taking some pictures & posting some cute words here in the next few days & you'll have to tell everyone & after a few days we will announce the winner after a random drawing. so, stay tuned for that!!!!

thank you all for reading my insanely long post.. im off to bed. i hope i can fall asleep with this pounding headache i have!



tomorrow I head up to my bestie's house. we are starring in our first ever craft show. i am a bundle of nerves for two reasons...
i have a few items. 7 leafy necklaces, 5 flower laraits, 5 sets of coasters, 2 sets of facical scrubbies, 3 coffee cozys, 2 headbands, 2 dish cloths, 1 bag, 1 scarf & 1 wallet. oh and some crochet flowers.
i feel as if i don't quite have enough. or the thing that will sell, it what i don't have  a lot of. i really think that everyone will love the flower headband. it's a brown headband with an orange flower and green leaf. it makes me giddy with excitement because the colors are perfect together. but i am really worried i won't sell anything... but I'm going to deny that tendency to worry and insert my FAITH that I will sell everything & I will come home with custom orders!

this will be my first time traveling a long(er) distance with doodle. we'll be driving nearly 200 miles alone. currently, she hates being in the car & her car seat in general, but hopefully tomorrow she will just sleep her little sweet self the whole way up there! *fingers crossed*

(picture uploader hates me. otherwise there would be photos. i'll take somemore tomorrow after we've set up and let you guys see what our table looks like!!)


a piece of advice...

yard sales ware you out.
friday night set up in the dark. didn't go to bed till 2.30a.m
woke up at 5.30 a.m. 
started getting stuff out & ready at 6.30.
by 2:00 I was sunburnt, tired and aggravated.
then we had to pack everything up & take it home.
always have a yard sale at your own place. it sucks to have to load and unload stuff multiple times.


pictures worth

you bet'cha i dyed my hair! cinnamon stick. you know how "they" say blondes have more fun? well in heatherland, redheads do. so. when in heatherland do as the redheads do. have more fun!

here are the cute, happy dish cloths I promised. it seems crochet never quite turns out great in my photos, but these are some brighly colored do-dad sure to make your kitchen sink, bath tub or where ever else you need 100% cotton squares happy and bright! did i mention they make you HAPPY? :) because its like spring or sunshine all day long. dishwashing needs to be fun...  ;) dont'ya think!
(if you'll peek in the photo below, there is the other bit i was talking about earlier. the dish cloth in a brown, pink & green color scheme! before I add the brown, it reminds me of watermelons :) i know everything is all spring colors, but I just can't help it. i like bright junk. it's all in the up bringing. rainbow bright ruined me.)

there is a lovely man* in my life.
while i sit on the couch hooking and watching t.v.
he is in the kitchen baking.
baking his first ever peanut butter cookies.
he is giddy as they turn out to be HUGE cookie cakes.
he realizes that the top rack does best for this particular recipe.
he fixes me a glass of milk and brings me goodies. 
he cleans up his mess when he is done.
*that boy<3
i.love.him. :)

comments fixed

hello lovelies. I've had some complains about comments and word verification... I took it off & switched layouts, which I believe it had something to do with it. Try it out now and it should work! Let me know if it doesn't on twitter or some other method.


late nights, early mornings

i am up late, again. 
and honestly, i love it.
but then again, i so love sleeping. 

hello. world. i am watching glee at 2.30 a.m. and picking up my lovely new dishcloth and turning and working, turning and working. well, actually just working round... but you know. The las dishcloths I made I used a hot pink, orange and purple color scheme. This time I'm using a dusky pink, sage green and chocolate brown. i have to admit, they are sweet! i'll post pics soon! promise.
i have a new oppertunity that might be coming up soon. more details to come later, but lets just say that I really want to hear from God about this. and if it all works out then it was his will OR if it is not his will he will let me know.
well, i am back to glee and crocheting. love y'all!


these two are unstoppable.
unless there is tea & photoshoots.
beware. they will go 100 miles per hour
come to a screeching halt for a snack and a short nap.
then proceed to go on for hours again. seriously. they are hard to keep up with.

i had a blast at natalie's house! i didn't get rested... but i had so much fun. i stayed up till 4 every morning and laughed and crafted and died my hair and watched a movie and ichatted and hugged and ate peanut butter fudge and screamed the national anthem because WE SAW FIREWORKS PEOPLE! FIREWORKS!! needles too say when I got home sunday night around 7 I hugged everyone. ate some dinner and went to bed at 9.30. :D and slept till 10.30am. I was TIRED. but it was so worth every minute of it!!! 
Hopefully, later I can post some more pictures of our adventures. but, if i don't know what the internet here at autumn lane has gone out. somethings have to be sacrificed this week and the internet and t.v. is the only one that is not a necessity. you understand & won't hold it against me. i will update when i can... but no promises. :) I do love my followers and PLEASE stay tuned!!

ALSO; I have a CRAFT show coming up soon!!! SEPT. 18&19 in Gainsville, GA I'm so excited. I will be selling some of my crocheted items!!! don't forget to check out my store on ETSY! 

much love,


4 AM?!

insomnia Pictures, Images and Photos
originally uploaded byteeniegirl08

someone please tell me why i am awake.
i can't sleep.
is it excitement?
or missing Doodle.
is it my innards? they hurt right now.
is it because I took daytime sinus relieft medication at 10?
is it because i keep burping?
is it because my head hurts?
is it because I can't hear Doodle breathing?

I tried to go to sleep. But after an hour.... nothing happened. why do? :(

i will have to wake up in 5 hours. shower. primp. and go for tea. (mucho excited!!!!)
i normally sleep almost 10 hours. yes. that long. i needs that much. otherwise i am poop.
i will be poop tomorrow. but i will endure!
there is a photoshoot tomorrow. there is tea. there is crafting. there is chatting. there is too much to be awake right now.

tell me... do you ever have insomnia? or just random nights when you feel like sleep is on the brink... but you can't fall into it?



okAy so.
me trying to "customize" my blog ended up me completely screwing it up. I used to be really good at HTML... what the heck happened? Who knows. Ha, so I went back to my template... and still it's not even like it was. oh well. I'll try again later. 

i made COOKIES!!! today. Yes, chocolate chip. They turned out PERFECT!!!!! I nearly burned down the house. The oven door wasn't closed all the way & I guess thats why my entire home filled up with smoke while I was changing Doodle's diaper. Anyways, they are soft and mushy and perfectly golden. I figured out the trick today. Don't melt the butter and add the eggs just before the flour. The mixture finally turned out as dough compared to cake batter. Did I mention they are DELICIOUS? I've been on a baking kick lately. It's probably not a good habit to be forming, considering the state of this body of mine and the growing state of that boys too. ;) we're getting plump. We're storing up fat in case of famine and widespread panic. (seriously, things to consider.) ;) 

it's officially thursday and TOMORROW I get to Natalie's house. There I will craft till my eyes bleed. Drink tea till I feel drunk. Laugh until I cry. Gabb untill I pass out. And take pictures until I am blinded and have so much fun it is REDONKULOUS! Yes. redonkulous.

re.donk'u.lous adj. 

1. significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without possibility of serious consideration. 

2. fitted to excite absolute ridicule; intentionally crazy and silly; completely absurd and laughable. 

"redonkulous" - as first popularized by the fictional character Seth Cohen on FOX's The O.C.

i.e. My weekend will be so awesome it will be redonkulous.
My house is so messy it is redonkulous.
It is redonkulous to think that I should say ridiculous instead.

thank ya! have a nice day now, ya'her!

site under construction!!

im trying to customize my blog. and when i say customize, i mean with my own graphics & things. so bear with me friends.