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Hey There!
Is everyone keeping cool? I know it's hot as the dickens here and the only thing that seems to cool me off is sitting in front of a fan with my hair in a messy twist. It's been raining here lately, which is making is SUPER, SUPER humid. I'm talking nasty, steamy, humidity. It's completely gross.
But ENOUGH about weather!
Let's talk JOURNALS! ;)
I am enjoying this challenge so much! I like to look at the site in the morning. Then I spend all day thinking about what I plan to do. Normally, I start working on it after dinner and bath-time. These past few days have been a little busy & I'm behind on sharing them! But never the less, here my pages are:
what are you thankful for?
such a good page for me to do. i am thankful for so much and to put it to pen and paper really helps me stay positive. this is just a list of everything i could think of.
What are your "go to" clothes?
I called them "staples". My stapes are black v-neck shirts, blue jeans, cardigans, flats, comfy skirts and sandals. I want both of these outfits so bad! They came from the old navy website & I am totally in love with both! I actually have the blue jeans and the ballet flats!
Not Quite Normal: The Autobiography of heatherdawn
This is my autobio cover of the book of my life. I used this crazy geometric pattern because it's wild, crazy and fun. Much like me! :) I had fun doing this!!
Book List
Oh, this post has a certain little grip on my heartstrings. A BOOK LIST! YAY! These are my most favoritest books EVA! I would like to take a minute to say that reading is a HUGE passion of mine. I love to devour books. These are the books that I couldn't put down. Books that I thought about after reading them. Books that have stuck with me over a long period of time. (Like Speak. Read it in middle school. I've read it at least 10 times.) #2 is special to me because it was a book my Granny begged me to read. It was a beautiful book & it makes me think of her when I see it. #10 is the book I'm reading now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's making me understand the Bible a lot more, even though it is a work of fiction.

So, there are my journal entries for the past few days. I actually love showing you my journal. It's kind of like bearing my soul to you, so I hope you like it too!

But guys, did you know... IT'S AUGUST! AUTUMN IS AROUND THE CORNER! I am so excited for mulled cider, halloween candy, long sleeves, jackets, riding with the windows down and the heat turned on, sitting on the porch to enjoy a hot cup of earl grey, the smell of fall burning, the colors in the trees and the leaves as they fall. :) it makes me giddy.
AND I am excited for crochet-ey goodness! :D

I hope everyone stays cool & holds on a little bit longer, because cold weather will be here SOON!

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With Love, Jamie said...

I seriously love your clothes one, you have great style!