Good Morning!

day 21

day 21- what is your favorite quote?

I'm still following along in the 30 Day Journal Challenge on Janel's Blog! I'm finding that I have really good days where I can feel massive amounts of inspiration but there are also days where there is no muse what so ever. I'm so out of the art of doodling... I used to doodle up EVERYthing. I can see my own style forming though, which is amazing!

I was really inspired by Day 21! What is your favorite quote? I did 3 different pages because I just couldn't stop myself! :)

day 21.2

from a song by Brandon Heath

day 22.3

xtina ;) (it's a beautiful lyric)

I really could have kept going with this, but I stopped.

So, what are your favorite quotes? What lyrics move you? Think about them... jot them down! Use them in your artwork & crafts & style!

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