changes & happiness

Hello there. I know what you're thinking... you changed your layout... AGAIN!? Ha, indeed I did. What can I say, change is good. Either that or I'm just so indecisive it's ridiculous.
Well, I FINALLY got my bathroom & closet organized and decorated! My mom came over yesterday and we cleaned house getting everything ready for the baby to come home & to knock out the daunting task of going through 4 HUGE boxes of clothes and cleaning the closet. It took a really long time and towards the end we were both getting very tired, but it is done and my bathroom is so cheerful, hands down it's the cheeriest place in the whole house. I really wish my living room was that bright & cheery.



toilet & make up table




doesn't it all just make you smile? It makes me excited. I just want to spend hours in there. Last night when I was taking those photos, I just sat down at the make-up table & kept clicking the camera. Sometimes I love just taking pictures of myself with absolutely no make up on. It makes me realize I'm not as un-attractive as I feel and that there is beauty in simplicity. :D
Cheers to that.


gardens, yarns & projects

well, I have finally sat down with the camera and a few of the projects I'm working on right now. I have to say that crocheting while watching t.v. is so nice. I just get to hooking so fast, before I know it I have 11 granny squares made or half of a purse. I really should thank Attic24 for her inspiration & pattern for my little bag that I'm making! Her color choices are so amazing & so lovely that I just want to stop by her house and get cozy on her sofa! Look around on her blog... it's so cute & cheerful, it will make your day so much better!!!

this is me & my uber preggers bod! :D only a few more days left :( it almost makes me sad... almost.


my lovely verbena. it makes me so happy with it's purpleness!!!

red carnations! because red and purple look so good together! they are besties in my little garden right now!

my first rose bush

my very first rose bush & it has finally bloomed. it makes me so happy. everytime I walk outside I just feel so amazing because I can actually keep a rose bush alive. *sigh* and because it is so beautiful!

i forgot what these are called, but they are also in my little happy place!

diverse stash yarn
mmm... yarrnnnnn. this is what I've been working with for the past couple of days. It's a mixture of red heart super saver yarn, red heart kids yarn & "i love this yarn" (which, I in fact love.)

granny sqaure blanket in progress
this is what my yarn has been doing! it's been making grannies!

fun times and my yarn bag
these grannies really do make me smile. they're so simple & so fun. they just pile up and pile up & then you have a whole little bock. :D

vanessa choice stash yarn
went to the lobby of hobbies today. got some vanessa choice yarn & it feels so light at soft & the colors are so vivid. I just love it. I'm using it to make my yarn bag. The pattern I'm using is from Attic 24 (linked above) & I can't wait to finish this!!!

yarn bag in progress
and here's my bag... I'm just hooking along. I've got a few more increases to do, then about a million even stitches to make the body of the bag

so, that's what i've been doing. :D oh && meet MAX!!!! Our little tyrant of a lab who thinks he is a tea-cup sized pup...

well, if you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know it's because motherhood has been bestowed upon me and I am busy loving the little creation that God has given me. I'll get some pictures up asap... I mean how could I have a blog & not post about the BIGGEST change in my life? I'm sure I'll be here to vent, boast & whine. Oh, I can't wait.
Till then,