Update on life

hello old friends. :)
How is everyone?
I've been doing quite well... but, busy trying to get life situated for my new job that I start next week.
It's the first time i've went to work since little doodle was born, so I'm slightly nervous about being away from her and if that is going to make me a horrible mother. I know lots of first time moms go back to work within six weeks of birth, but I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom because thats what we wanted. Things have changed a great deal in our finances and I NEED to go back to work. It's crazy how my new job fell into my lap though.
I was at a regular WIC appointment (a program that helps mothers & babies get medical care & necessities like milk, bread, eggs, baby food..) when our case worker asked me if I was still breastfeeding my 8 month old. I kindly told her yes and she began to tell me about this new position that the state had opened up to help promote breast feeding. It was simple... they were looking for women who were passionate about breastfeeding and had at least 6 months doing so. I thought (and think) it was a GREAT idea and an awesome sounding job so I filled out an application right there! Our case worker knew my situation and how many trails I went through over the course of mine and Doodle's breastfeeding experience. So, she recommended me.
Now, I will be a part-time employee for the state making a pretty penny encouraging women how important breastfeeding is for babies & mamas. I'm super excited, because I've really wanted to impact someone on that level. I know firsthand how hard breastfeeding can be, but also how rewarding it is and eventually how easy it becomes AND how much it helps a family who really can't afford to formula feed. Hopefully, the women I'm reaching out to will see something they like in my experiences and finally decided to breastfeed or encourage them further in their decision making process.
So, I'm excited, scared, nervous, anxious and giddy about this new change in my life. I have no idea what to expect... or how any of this will play out. I know that each day will be different, because I won't always be in an office or even in the same place, but I'm looking forward to it. As for our home life, I'm a little scared how things will play out, but I know that all will come together.

So, that's where I've been. I've been filling out stacks of papers for my new job and trying to get a few loose ends tied.. on top of having a really bad infection this weekend.

I've started working on my GRANNY SQUARE SWAP grannies though!!! I've got 4 or 5 made... I'm super excited about this project and I have a little post it on my computer so I don't forget!!

OH OH OH, I have to tell you all about this AMAZING website a friend told me about.. but I must WARN you... it is HIGHLY addictive. It's Swaptree. A place where you list the books, movies, cd's and games that you are ready to part with to get THINGS THAT YOU WANT! All for the cost of shipping and item!! It's awesome and I know this sounds like some crazy commercial but I swear! I've already gotten the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and Dead until Dark by Charlene Harris! I traded some movies I HATED for them too.. which makes me feel like I've done something special. You should check it out and start getting some things you REALLY WANT. Plus in the books they have a CRAFT AND HOBBIES section! :P Seriously, go check it out.. www.swaptree.com

Well, thats all folks. I'm off to bed.


poor person, really.

Where in the WORLD have I BEEN!?
I've completely spaced out as a blogger and crafter.
I've just been reading ALOT.
And playing games on the playstation3.
And trying to keep the house clean.
And all my craziness together.

So, faithful followers... I am sorry. I am a poor blogger.
Poor commenter.
Poor peer.
Just a poor person right now, really.

Excuse my mess & the lack of everything.
I promise to be back when life gets normal again.

p.s. happy valentines day.
(sucks that its on sunday, though.)
regardless, I love you all!