I am Destined to live here...

do you ever feel a strong pull towards a place?

North Carolina Sunset
Sunset on Hilton Head Island
Tybee Island Beach from the Boardwalk_Panorama 1
sometimes I can hear the ocean calling me

I just feel like I belong near a beach

It doesn't help that Nicholas Sparks makes North & South Carolina sound so amazing

And that one of the best days of my life was spent on Hilton Head Island

I just want sand and ocean breezes

I want oak tree jungle gyms in my back yard

I want spanish moss

New Orleans City Park_009

& sometimes I miss my old home...

The Times-Picayune's map of New Orleans

where do you feel a strong pull?

is it the mountians?

the plains?

historic cities?

bustling cities?

or wide open spaces?


Becky Farley said...

:) I have a strong pulled towards the water! I've always lived in walking distance!

I'll look up those yarn colors tonight ;)

Kristina said...

I'm pulled to the NC mountains! That is where my husband and I met and went to college, and someday we plan to live there again and raise our kids there. Right now we're in mid-NC, but make trips to our true "home" a few times a year.

heather dawn said...

i love the water so much, becky! we have a river here but it's no where near big enough!

kristina, the mountains in NC are so beautiful! Spent my honeymoon in them hills! It's so peaceful there. The Carolinas have it all. History, Mountains, Beaches, Small Towns. It's really appealing to me on all levels!