Inspired Mess, Beautiful Things

Open the Sky

sunflowers and rainclouds.

The last summer lavander

lavander and mint.

Funny cat pictures

giggles and tears

Sock Yarn Stash

frustration and creativity


doodles and toodles

these are the things on my mind

i want to make something pretty

i want to do something special

i want to feel like a bird soaring above a rain cloud

i want reassurance

i want acceptance

i want a crafty mind

and i need determination

let's be inspiring...

i dare you to post something inspiring & link back to me

I want to see your creative beautiful minds at work

i'm sure it will bring someone(ME!) happiness
Recycled Handmade Journals
all images except Doodle found on Flickr. Thank you beautiful pictures!

pee. ess: I found this really cool tutorial on how to make your own journal! It's very easy to understand and has really good pictures. So, for all you ladies taking Janel's Class: Journaling for a Cause, here's an idea for your journal. My husband is going to make one for me. I will simply mess all that measuring up :) Hopefully mine will turn out something like what you see above!!
G'night! <3

1 comment:

Amber said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. We did eat fried alligator while in your hometown. It was very tasty!!

Love that homemade journal. Can't wait to see the one your hubby makes you!