lost in austen

I've been lost lately.
It's okay. I promise nothing bad has happened!
I've just been nose deep in Pride and Prejudice. :P
Little has happened in my world other than sitting on the couch
with Earl Grey tea and Miss Austen's imagination.

Lost in Austen Pictures, Images and Photos
Lost in Austen, a four part t.v. series, came on over the course of
Tuesday and Wendesday.
It was pretty good too! It kind of helped me understand
a little bit more about the society and what not.
Okay, I admit I stayed up till 2 a.m. watching it last night! :P
Then couldn't sleep.. so I picked up Pride and Prejudice and read a little more.

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict Pictures, Images and Photos

I also bought this book when I picked up Pride and Prejudice.
It was on sale for $5. I really couldn't resist myself.
Good thing I bought it too, because I feel as if I
fit in the category suggested by the books title.

The hubby swears I've lost my mind and I think he is growing
quite tired of my obsession already.
At least it isn't as bad as it was with Twilight. :] haha.
Maybe not.

I'm so very excited to have a good book to read though.
I honestly look forward to stolen moments with it.

Now, I'm off to eat peanut butter cookies & watch this:

Hope your tomorrow will be amazing!


Flattered With Jane Austen

I watched this movie last night and fell in love.
Not because of mr. mcavoy. (swoon)
Or miss hathaway. (love her so much!)
Both equally worthy of admiration.
But because I've never really understood
an Austen plot until now. (shocking I know.)

(I promise I'm not illiterate!)

With this new understanding I am challenging myself.
I want to read Pride and Prejudice and understand it.
I've never read an Austen novel,
even if I was supposed to read one in Highschool
I didn't. (hehe whoops :D)
I've always shied away from the vocabulary she used.
But after seeing this movie that was loosely based
off of Jane's life I just need more.

I've seen the movie Pride and Prejudice
and it made little sense to me as well,
but it was on t.v. so there were some
parts missing I'm sure.
But I want some unfiltered and pure Jane Austen to
feast on.
So, with a dictionary in hand I will embark on the Jane Austen road.
Its a well beaten path I'm sure and I will be a small bump
on the way, but I'm taking this journey because I want to.
Not because some literary list says I should.
So, I guess you can wish me luck!
And I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Tell me, have you read Jane Austen's work?
What was your favorite and why?

Have a lovely night!


la te da :)


2010 you've been pretty good so far.
You're making me twentythree this year.
Soon too.
I don't know how I feel about that..
but I guess I have to deal with it.

The pictures were taken before the new year, but they are
too fun to stay tucked away in a folder on the desktop.
I'm so thankful to have loving friends.
Friends that entertain me and make me laugh.
Most importantly that make me feel loved.
And needed and wanted.
That's best friend up there and her hubby, Duck.
They are a truly wonderful couple to be around.
I just got back from a quick visit to their house.
We missed the snow here in middle georgia,
and Natalie living a few hours North of Atlanta
got a couple of inches.
I couldn't resist the call.
So I hopped in a car and headed that way.
We had a mad time playing Phase 10 with her family
and eating peanut butter cookies.
There were talks of us going to hell for
playing a little to friendly.
And babies munching on treats like
Cheeze-its for the first time.
It was a refreshing trip.
Spontaneous trip.
The types of trips I need more often. :)

So far this week I've been trying to get the house clean.
It's early Thursday morning and I still have a lot to clean.
I've pretty much gotten everything done except for
our bathroom, closet and Doodle's room.
But for the first time in MONTHS I can see the floor in my bedroom.
Okay, I know you're thinking I'm a hoarder but I promise I am NOT.
It's just we take our clothes off in the bedroom and
we don't put them in a laundry basket...
so my room is the dirty clothes pile.
Therefore no floor.
I did away with that today!
I think I will sleep better tonight! :P
The room already feels more relaxing!

I've been collecting items for my living room update.
I said in my resolutions I wanted to add more hand made
and vintage decor to my home and slowly
but surely it is coming together.
I can't wait to share pictures with you
and hear what you think.

Well, until next time...
hope you all have a lovely day
full of inspiration and creativity!


Hello Decade.

I made a resolution list before the new year.
it says this:
*learn to knit properly
*create more from my imagination
*decorate my home with handmade & vintage goods
*learn fun new recipes for dinner
*start cloth diapering
*be an inspiration
*crochet and FINISH a blanket
*be more giving and kind
*learn to save
*pay off debts
*know God deeper
*write and record an album
*blog more often
*be less envious
& of course;
*loose weight

They are in no particular order. I'm actually surprised I wrote a resolution list, because I've never been fond of them. I will tell you that I've already started working on a couple of these points. For example the last one. We purchase a work out DVD yesterday and started it last night. It's from the Biggest Loser show & let me tell you... it kicked my but last night. I am so sore right now.. but I need and WANT to keep this up. I seriously need to loose weight and sometime this year I want to start getting ready for another little one. (Yes I realize Doodle is still in diapers... I really just want more kids. I've always said 2 was the LIMIT... I've changed my mind. :) )

I took some pictures of BEFORE the work out & in 6 weeks I will take some after and then post them. I was going to post them now, but because I am way to embarrassed to show me in work out pants... I will wait. Maybe the image will improve so much that I will be proud of what I've made my body look like. I hope so. That should be another point on my resolution too... *be proud of myself & what I look like.

Well, what are your resolutions? Did you make a list? Have you started a new work out? Or vowed to learn something new? I'm curious!