it's over...

Well, Christmas is over... so why am I still making gifts? Haha, because I got tired of the mass production of coasters I was producing... so I took a break and decided to only finish the ones I needed at Christmastime. Now, I wish I was done with them. So. Now that the majorty of the gift giving is out of the way, I can talk about what I made without fear!!! YEY! So.. for my brother I crocheted my first hat!!! It turned out really great. I worked it in the round using a half double crochet stitch. I was really nervous when I finished the project because it was too big. After he opened it up and it was too small length wise for his head (which is 25" in diameter!!!!!!!) I added some more rows and decreased along the way. I was really proud of my end result. Of course, I forgot to get a picture of him wearing it, but I do have a picture of it when it was finished.
For Joy, my mother-in-law, I made a really pretty wool scarf. It was light gray and white mix and it was the first time I've worked with 100% wool. It was so nice and so soft.. and I do believe I fell in love with the texture of it. I really didn't want to see it leave my hands, but I know she will love it and use it to keep warm! I didn't really work from a pattern... I just chained untill I felt like it was long enough then I turned and worked in double crochet. It only took 4 rows, if I remember correct. It was really fast and fun!!
christmas made
[scarf & hat]

And then, the coasters of course. They were worked in the round and double crochet. I made 2 dc in each stitch and joined at the end then started a new round. It only took 3 rounds and now I can make a coaster in under 20 minutes. Now, that may not be fast to some people, but to me it's awesome!! Anyways, they turned out really pretty. I used 2 brown for each set, then 2 of either light blue, sage green or lavender. 

[coasters. set of brown and blue tied with raffia.]
p.s. I love these. They are way too cute!!

I even made some little ornaments. They were very simple and I used this pattern. No pictures yet... ;)

On a more personal note: I was so excited for all the giving and getting this year, and I was honestly blessed. Robin, my hubs, got me so many skeins of yarn and several new crochet hooks. He really picked out some beautiful colors of the Lion Brand Thick & Quick, and Jiffy. I am so excited to make something for myself. I have a slouchy hat pattern printed off to try, and hopefully I will have it up soon!!! I can't wait to get started on other projects.. especially all the baby things I will be making soon!!! (I find out the gender of my little nudger MONDAY!) I can't believe I've been pregnant for 5 months already. If this is going by so fast, I'm sure being a mommy will too. To think about that makes me sad... I really hope I can cherish every moment.


excuses & what not

So, I'm lazy. That's what everyone tells me. Truth is, I'm not lazy. I forget, alot.  Because of this great character flaw, things I'm supposed to do, don't get done. Honestly, I wish this wasn't the way I was. Another problem is I'm easily distracted. Again, another thing about me that isn't good. *sigh* So, why am I telling all this to a journal that no one reads....... who knows. I want to upload pictures of all the things I've been making lately, but again I forogt or got distracted. That and I don't think they are THAT great and none of it is original. I've been using patterns from the internet. So far I've really only been crocheting coasters. I have a stack of 7 sets (4 in each set) made... almost. I should be finishing those right now and cleaning my room.... but here i am at the computer. I really just want to bang my head on stuff when I get so un-motivated like I am now. 


a little assistance.

if anyone knows how to put a background on here.... let me know. becuase I've tried a million different things and it won't work. I just want a really sweet floral background, you know, something simple. Anyways. If you know... share the info, please.


Hello. I'm trying to fiugre this out.... so bare with me!