I Heart Fall Class & WIP UPDATE

you guys are going to get so sick of me this fall.
because I am so gung-ho about it. :)
I signed up for this journaling class!
What can I say, it is my new obsession.

I can't wait to get started!
So, if you're in the I Heart Fall Class,
follow me so we can keep up with each other!

I took Doodle outside to play today and while she ran amuk in the yard I sat in the swing and crocheted granny squares for my blanket.
can you see her peeking out of her house? and yes, our gas tank is painted as a cow. gotta love my dad. he's crafty. i get it all from him!!

I thought I was nearly finished. After laying it out the other night I realized it wasn't big enough to go on my bed. Now, I have 4 more big granny squares I need to make! No Problem! Here is the most recent one!

Three cream rows down, six more to go! Then, 3 more granny squares.... It's getting there.

I am so feeling these colors for the season change. The last bits of summer hanging on and the gradual change to Fall.
I am planning on making a full post dedicated to what colors I am loving for fall. I have this all planned out in my head.. and the colors may be unusual, but I am so ready to work with them.

I want to badly to get started on new project, but I am being very strict with myself. I will not stop making this blanket, because IF I do, it will NEVER get made. It will fall in the pile with all the rest that I have tried to make then put away. I can't let myself do that. I have to finish this like my life depends on it.
You guys will help keep me accountable, right?

In other news:
I am in love with Little Big Planet!

Little Big Planet has finally landed!
It is a crafty little game! And SO ADDICTIVE. This is the first game I have ever actaully wanted to play for hours on end. I played online to day and had a ton of fun with a person I met through "quick play."
I am so going to make a sackperson.
If you have a PS3, GO GET IT! NOWWW! :) They have a new one coming out soon! Here's the trailer. Let's all be amazed!

Okay, I'm signing out. Peace.

Oh, Labor Day!

goodbye summer,

hello, autumn!

happy fall

happy fall

tomorrow i will have a pumpkin spice latte.

i have to go to La Grange for a work meeting and Starbucks is across the street! I cannot WAIT! I have missed those treats so bad! I think it may be starbuck's most popular flavor! Everyone I know loves them!

Labor Day is Monday and it's the official end of summer! I hope to spend it hanging out with either A. My B.f.f Natalie
B. The Youth from Church.
Robin has to work this weekend and my parents are going on a mini vacation. So, it will be me and Autumn hanging out.

What are your Labor Day Plans?


Total Crochet Mode

I am in total crochet mode. I am almost done with my granny square blanket! I'm sure by the time the chilly air makes it down south I will be well on my way to working on new projects! I am so excited about my blanket, and it looks pretty much the same as the last pictures I shared, so when it is DONE I will share some more! It looks pretty boring right now with all the creame, but soon it will burst forth with colors of life!

Because of me being in crochet mode, I have been rummaging flickr and getting mega inspirted.

Little Table Cloth
Yarn Porn
you really need to check out this^ flickr account! totally awesome crochet projects!

Granny Square Bunting
Looking colorful ;)
manta zig-zag blanket
My pile of blankets :Dbabukatorium2378

Oh, happy crochet. If you are a yarn addict, crochet person, knitter you should check out Ravelry, if you're not already obsessed with it. There are tons, TONS and TOOOONNNNS of free patterns, groups, things to drool over. It's like facebook for YARNies! Ha. It's a great place to hang out and get inspired!

Happy Crafting!


Lovely Becky

Becky at Strumpets Crumpets is an amaing crafty gal!
I am always so insired by her and little Mickey.
She also asked for my help with the stich names and I wrote out a little pattern for it!
Which I would like to share!
Becky, thank you for letting me help you! I can't wait to make someting with these!!! :)
Time to Kill
image from becky's photostream

Granny Square Circle

Chain 4. Join with a slip stitch. (This will give you a tiny circle to work out of).

Round 1: Chain 4. Double Crochet 1. Chain 1. Double crochet 1. Chain 1. Repeat till you have 12 Double Crochet posts. Join to the beginning chain with a slip stitch. Chain 3. (12 posts/Double crochet) -make sure you count the post that is made of 3 chains.-

Round 2: Double Crochet 1. Chain 1. *Double crochet 2. Chain 1. Double crochet 2.* **Repeat till you have 12 posts. Chain 1. Join to the beginning with a slip stitch. Chain 3. (24 Double Crochet Posts)

Round 3: Double Crochet 2. Chain 1. *Double crochet 3. Chain 1.* Repeat around till you have 12 posts. Chain 1. Join to the beginning with a slip stitch. Cut your yarn and slip stitch again to end. (36 Double Crochet posts)

On each round you will be working in the spaces between double crochets on the previous row. Just like with a granny square, you work in the gaps then chain and work in the next loop.

There are tons of cute things you could use this pattern for! Say, an Autumn inspired banner for your living room in orange, yellow, red and brown. Or a cute skinny scarf. Or you could even frame them to create a new collection on your living room walls!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!



I am toatlly leaving for Panama City in a few hours and I just wanted to tell you that I will miss you!

Blogger, life is so nuts-o right now. I am still unpacking & packing boxes. I never want to move again. Ever.

If I can I am going to post my past few days journal entries! I miss blogging about them and the class is almost over! Luckily, there is another class coming up! YAY! Go check out Janel's website! www.iheartrunwithscissors.com or her etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jbarnholtz

love ya! toodles!


Blog-tail Therapy.

i feel icky
i am moody
i just want this week to be over with. (yes I know it is saturday.)
I just want to get moved in and not worry about it.
moving seriously stresses me out.
i don't handle the stress well.
so, I am going to do what everyone does when stressed.
except I am broke.
so this will be:
BLOG-TAIL THERAPY WISHES! tada, a new word for all of you.
mmm, gimme these:

and now i feel better. honestly. bright colors & a stopwatch necklace! I've been wanting one of those for AGES! and that octopus ring is AMAZING! I found some new sellers on etsy! YAY!

Now, I'm off to chat with my Journal for a Cause peeps!


we're moving

It is official.
Moving boxes are coming home with us tonight.
I will cry like Bella when Edward left.
There will be a wrecking ball sized hole in my heart.
I am leaving my little humble house.
I must pack away my sweet nesting dolls
& tiny trinkets.
Where they will live in a storage shed never to see the light of day.
I must tuck away my fears and wear courage like a badge of honor.

I may cry and I may fuss.
But I know this move is for the best.
And that He approves.
Our lives will be made richer & our gratitude will be broadened.

So please send all of your prayers & good vibes this way.
I need patience and mercy to be my strong suits from here on out.

We will be moving in with my parents until we have paid off our debts and saved enough money to buy our own house. I've really struggled with this these past few weeks. I didn't know whether I should share all this information with you. But it will affect my blogging and journaling. I don't know how often I will be able to make it here, but I'm hoping this will be a smooth transition.

In the meantime, you can expect to see some home photographs of our precious little house... just to share with you the place that we made our home. :)






Yes, I taught my Doodle to make ugly-super-adorable faces. :) What can I say, I'm a good mom! ;)
Saturday was so much fun! I wish I has time earlier when it was all still fresh in my mind. Everything is really busy right now & we've got a couple of big things going on. But, Saturday I went to a new antique store & I LOVED IT! The prices were really good and they had some really awesome things! Afterwards, we went to Truett's, a branch of Chick-fil-a and ate. Then we went to my parents house later that night for a BBQ with a bunch of friends.
This weekend really felt like summer.
Journal Cube
These are my journal prompts from the past 3 days! I really like how the bottom two turned out!

Well, I have a full day of things to do! I will catch up with everyone soon! And fill you in on whats happened here lately.ARg


Today I...

journal&granny 011

journal&granny 007

Today has been an interesting day. I'll share more later. The best part of today was sitting on my porch while it rained. I worked on my Granny Square Blanket. It was so nice and peaceful sitting out there and it cooled off so much it almost felt like fall. Here's the whole entry:
journal&granny 004
Today I...

journal&granny 002
This is the previous entry. These are the things I can't live without. The Promise is an easy way of saying my relationship with God. I know I couldn't live if there wasn't the promise of spending eternity with Him.
journal&granny 015
This is the blanket! It's coming along! I bought some yarn for the border today. I had to shop locally so I had to get Red Heart Super Saver. :( But I got a very pretty shade of pink, mustard and brown. It has a good retro feel to it.

I wish this post had a lot more enthusiasm in it, but I've had a rough day & there is a lot on my mind. Tomorrow will be lovely though. We're going to a new Antique Store.
Till Next Time!
I hope your weekend is peaceful and fun!!

also; I've been looking at cameras lately. getting ready to buy a new one soon and I was wondering lovely ladies, what are you shooting with? are your guns fancy schmacy or just enough? I've been using a borrowed Kodak Easy Share ZD8612 and I like it! It takes great pictures, but it goes through the batteries QUICK! I would like something that the computer charges, like my old Kodak Easy Share M853, but the quality of the pictures isn't as good. Help a sista ouuut! ;)


Hey Again!
I wanted to let you guys know I have NEW blog buttons!!
So, if you love the blog, grab a button to spruce up your place a bit!
Here are the two designs! Enjoy!!

edited: i think i fixed the button grab! :) let me know if it still doesn't work!

Journals and things

Hey There!
Is everyone keeping cool? I know it's hot as the dickens here and the only thing that seems to cool me off is sitting in front of a fan with my hair in a messy twist. It's been raining here lately, which is making is SUPER, SUPER humid. I'm talking nasty, steamy, humidity. It's completely gross.
But ENOUGH about weather!
Let's talk JOURNALS! ;)
I am enjoying this challenge so much! I like to look at the site in the morning. Then I spend all day thinking about what I plan to do. Normally, I start working on it after dinner and bath-time. These past few days have been a little busy & I'm behind on sharing them! But never the less, here my pages are:
what are you thankful for?
such a good page for me to do. i am thankful for so much and to put it to pen and paper really helps me stay positive. this is just a list of everything i could think of.
What are your "go to" clothes?
I called them "staples". My stapes are black v-neck shirts, blue jeans, cardigans, flats, comfy skirts and sandals. I want both of these outfits so bad! They came from the old navy website & I am totally in love with both! I actually have the blue jeans and the ballet flats!
Not Quite Normal: The Autobiography of heatherdawn
This is my autobio cover of the book of my life. I used this crazy geometric pattern because it's wild, crazy and fun. Much like me! :) I had fun doing this!!
Book List
Oh, this post has a certain little grip on my heartstrings. A BOOK LIST! YAY! These are my most favoritest books EVA! I would like to take a minute to say that reading is a HUGE passion of mine. I love to devour books. These are the books that I couldn't put down. Books that I thought about after reading them. Books that have stuck with me over a long period of time. (Like Speak. Read it in middle school. I've read it at least 10 times.) #2 is special to me because it was a book my Granny begged me to read. It was a beautiful book & it makes me think of her when I see it. #10 is the book I'm reading now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's making me understand the Bible a lot more, even though it is a work of fiction.

So, there are my journal entries for the past few days. I actually love showing you my journal. It's kind of like bearing my soul to you, so I hope you like it too!

But guys, did you know... IT'S AUGUST! AUTUMN IS AROUND THE CORNER! I am so excited for mulled cider, halloween candy, long sleeves, jackets, riding with the windows down and the heat turned on, sitting on the porch to enjoy a hot cup of earl grey, the smell of fall burning, the colors in the trees and the leaves as they fall. :) it makes me giddy.
AND I am excited for crochet-ey goodness! :D

I hope everyone stays cool & holds on a little bit longer, because cold weather will be here SOON!