all good things are wild & free

A few pictures for you.

jfac day4: happiness is.....
jfac day 5: it's all in the details
jfac day 6: free choice
this owl was an ad for Sweet & Low. Now, where ever this designer is, I really just want to give them a HUGE shout out! How stinking cute is this?! I love it. So so so cute!!!!

"All Good Things Are Wild and Free"
-h.d. thoreau
we share initials :P

This is my favorite quote right now! I found it while at work about a week ago and it's still floating around in my head. I remember in high school when we studied Thoreau & Emerson. I remember thinking that they had everything figured out. I remember being really impressed and really moved by their thoughts. I had forgotten all those things until I found this quote. It makes me want to scamper away into the woods with nothing and just live. *sigh* Simplicity would be so nice. (except I would die in this heat!)
LOOK! I still crochet! I promise! I've been working on this for about a month now. It's a slow process, but I hope to have it done SOON! I have many other projects tinkering around in my head that need to come out! SO, when I AM done, you will see it dear friends. Let's just say that it involves some Great Granny Square Swap things :)

Have a Sweet Sunday!
Go & Live Freely!

pee ess: I've been meaning to tell you about this really cool movie I saw a while back! The title was "Keith" I can't find a way to post a picture, but click on that link it will take you to IMDB (International Movie Database). The movie has Jesse McCartney in it. He's never been a big deal to me and it took me a while to figure out why he looked so familiar in the movie. But, you should watch this movie. I really loved the feel, the emotions and the over all plot. If you watch it, tell me what you thought! (for those of you who have netflix, you can watch it instantly!)

A Blanket of Corse

The lovely talented Becky is giving away a BEAUTIFUL blaket!

I want to win it and let it live in my living room!


Have Fun and Reflect

Have Fun and REFLECT

I am having so much fun during this journal class! Yesterday while on my lunch break I got out my things and started to work on my page. It was very relaxing and it got my mind off work. These are my Goals for this Journal. (I'm not very good at making goals, but in the 30 day Journal Challenge I made goals for July. Now, I notice that more than half of those goals I accomplished! HOORAY! So I'm getting used to setting goals & meeting them!)

journalcause day2 goals
& this is my page. I loved it... until I colored in the Goals part. The colors just don't look right. During this Journal Class my goals are:
*express my feeling & thoughs creatively
*gain inspiration
*journal faithfully
*Have fun
*to reflect
*to be a better person and more thankful

I think all of those goals are very obtainable! Although it will take dedication for some of them!

journalcause day3
This is my page for Day Three. I used and recreated a picture from a photobooth when Robin & I started dating in 2005. This was FIVE years ago! I look at this picture and I remember that day so clearly. :) This is the day that I knew Robin would be my husband and that I would love him so crazily. In that last picture where my eyes were closed I can remember those thoughts. I was thinking I love him, I love him, I love him so much, so much, so much.

I got a call from a friend yesterday who needed to find a home for a very pretty puppy. Little did I know that the puppy's new home would be mine!
My friend and her boyfriend found this dog tied up to a post at a local grocery store.

There was a sign tied around her neck saying, "Please take me to a good home." There was no one around. No one sitting with the dog. No water for it to stay cool. No food if she got hungry. My friends found out from a worker that she had been outside all day. They took her home and started cleaning her up. Turns out she is an amazing dog. She knows how to ride in the car, likes walking on a leash, knows how to sit, comes when you call, loves Doodle and likes to cuddle on the sofa.

Now, we just have to come up with a name! We like Bella, Maggie & Emma. They don't seem to fit though. I'll keep you updated on the happenings with our new family member!

I hope you have a blessed day! :)


Journals, Ideas and inspirations!

Journal For A Cause One
If you haven't figured it out yet, my life is one happy mess. I'm okay with that and I feel like this blog reflects me pretty well. I'm not that focused 100% of the time and I get obsessed with things easily... like right now it's journaling. :) Tomorrow it will be reading. Saturday it will be crocheting. I like life and I like stuff... So as we try to sort out this tangled mess of my life just bear with me and just know that you can get comfy here...

I hope you guys are ready for some cool ideas, because over on Freckled Nest (my new home away from home! I could spend HOURS looking at her site & all the things L.A. does. so AMAZING) On her site there is this awesome HOW-TO section where she shares all kindsa goodies like how to pay off your debts (thank you for that.. i'm totally taking some tips there!), how to stay motivated while crafting, how to make a button ring..etc. Well, she also has this really cool article on Journaling! It was really helpful to me and gave me a ton of design ideas and I just have to share it with you!
Go over there and browse around & get inspired! Get out a notebook and doodle and let your caged up mind free! It's so much fun and it makes me so giddy to be inspired again!


Oh Happy Journal!

I am so super excited about the Journaling for A Cause Class hosted by Janel! The money she earns from this class and various other projects is going towards her Bring Pita Home fund. Pita is a little girl from another country that Janel and her husband are trying to adopt. So, this class means so much to me for many different reasons. Adoption is near and dear to my heart & I am so happy that I can do SOMETHING, while doing something I enjoy too. Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge Was AMAZING too! So, I only expect good things from this class!
This is my journal!!!!
Oh, the love that I have for it is immense! Do you see the ribbon book mark? The thrifted-vintage velvet ribbon in mustard? The brown crochet flower adorned with a gold button? And the thrifted-vintage fabric? It is heaven on this earth people! HEAVEN! I had a fun time putting all this together. I made a mess that is out of this world, though... which still needs me to clean it. Ha, I will revel in my creation right now. Forget cleaning.
This journal brings me great happiness. :)

I am so happy I FINALLY used that scrapbook paper. I've had the matching pair for over two years now. I love the french feel to it & the text that was cut off said "BON VOYAGE". Then there is the ribbon bookmark. *sigh* I seriously CANNOT wait to get started!

Perfection. This is the back!

This bad little mamajamma is my handmade journal. It doesn't make me as happy for some reason. Maybe cause it was a real pain in the bootie. I love the look of it and the feel of it. But that over all giddiness just isn't there. This is the first journal I've ever made by hand, and boy it was work!
I used watercolor paper (from Wal-Mart), cardboard (from the back of the watercolor book), glue, an old t-shirt, gold paint & buttons. While all that sounds fun, underneath the cute cover is where the real work is.
I'm going to try again and make a thicker journal, as this was our "practice journal". But I think next time I will be prepared mentally before going in! I'm making this sound way worse that it really was, because the after product is really amazing. I mean... I MADE a journal. From paper and thread and glue. That makes me feel empowered. :P
I used this link as my main reference! It was really informative and helpful!!
What do your journals look like? I would love to see them too!!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Monday!!



Not too long ago my parents put a bid in on one of these houses for Doodle.
Doodle's House & Car
Well, they got it & Put it in their yard next to Doodle's little Bug.
Can you imagine the wee happiness that a little one felt?
doodle's door
She wasn't quite sure if it was hers... but she knew she liked it!
Her grin was from ear to ear and her eyes lit up like the moon!
doodle's house
She knew what to do, too.
She peeked out all the windows and stepped out the door.
She waved and yelled.
doodle's pink bug
Then she was ready to ride!
Doodle has such fun out at Nana & Paw's house.
With the summer being as hot as it is right now, it's hard to go out and play.
Tonight we spent the evening in the pool, trying to recover from yesterday.
Doodle is sick with strep throat. It has been a nightmare.
But she is getting better and her anti-biotics are kicking in.
I'll be glad when it's over, though.
Its really hard seeing her in such pain & not being able to make it go away.
Today was much, much better! She still has a small fever, but she ate and played a little bit today. :)
I'm taking joy in those small moments.
Tonight in the pool she decided she was ready to start going under.
She's too cute, guys.. I really can't begin to tell you.
She's growing so fast and so sweet (despite her in her sickness).
I hope all of you know the joy of a child someday.
It's honestly divine and a Godsend!

I hope everyone stays COOL and has a mar-VAH-lous saturday. I'm thinking some thirfty shopping is due for tomorrow! :)


Home Ec Prayers Answered!

new sewing machine

Sewing Machine HK

Singer Hand-Crank Sewing Machine

Kindernähmaschinen - Toy Sewing Machines

Rachel over at Smile & Wave, along with some very wonderful ladies (leigh-ann & courtney) are teaching a Home Ec Class!!
Oh, I want to be apart of this!
I need to learn how to perfect my sewing abilities :D
AND the projects! OH, the projects look so delightful!
One of the main things I want to make is a duvet cover out of vintage sheets!
It's like God has answered a prayer.
Now, I just need to find that stash money that I never have.
I'm thinking.
There's a COIN savings for a new computer...
maybe, just maybe, the hubs will allow.
I mean, sewing skills will clothe us, keep us warm, provide happy times... right?
I need to be in that class.


Inspired Mess, Beautiful Things

Open the Sky

sunflowers and rainclouds.

The last summer lavander

lavander and mint.

Funny cat pictures

giggles and tears

Sock Yarn Stash

frustration and creativity


doodles and toodles

these are the things on my mind

i want to make something pretty

i want to do something special

i want to feel like a bird soaring above a rain cloud

i want reassurance

i want acceptance

i want a crafty mind

and i need determination

let's be inspiring...

i dare you to post something inspiring & link back to me

I want to see your creative beautiful minds at work

i'm sure it will bring someone(ME!) happiness
Recycled Handmade Journals
all images except Doodle found on Flickr. Thank you beautiful pictures!

pee. ess: I found this really cool tutorial on how to make your own journal! It's very easy to understand and has really good pictures. So, for all you ladies taking Janel's Class: Journaling for a Cause, here's an idea for your journal. My husband is going to make one for me. I will simply mess all that measuring up :) Hopefully mine will turn out something like what you see above!!
G'night! <3


New Cute Etsy Things!

Let's throw a PARTY!!!
Because I've updated my ETSY!

sweet headbands for mama's OR babies!

schmexy loopy cowls/scarves in squishy sunshine yellow

longer schmexy loopy scarves/cowls in olive, orange and PINK!

woohoo! I hope you guys like the newer items!
I've got tons of new ideas brewing and I can't wait till I finish my blanket so I can make some more pretties!


I am Destined to live here...

do you ever feel a strong pull towards a place?

North Carolina Sunset
Sunset on Hilton Head Island
Tybee Island Beach from the Boardwalk_Panorama 1
sometimes I can hear the ocean calling me

I just feel like I belong near a beach

It doesn't help that Nicholas Sparks makes North & South Carolina sound so amazing

And that one of the best days of my life was spent on Hilton Head Island

I just want sand and ocean breezes

I want oak tree jungle gyms in my back yard

I want spanish moss

New Orleans City Park_009

& sometimes I miss my old home...

The Times-Picayune's map of New Orleans

where do you feel a strong pull?

is it the mountians?

the plains?

historic cities?

bustling cities?

or wide open spaces?


Summer Bliss & A Feeling of Eclipse

autumnatperks 025
autumnatperks 017
autumnatperks 014
autumnatperks 009
autumnatperks 025
Yesterday was so perfect, so happy, so summer-ey. Never have I seen a littlie be so independent and outgoing. My daughter is growing so quickly I can help but be emotional. I see her chubby hands and wide eyes and tell myself this isn't real. She isn't already talking to me at one year. She isn't already remembering where things are and places she's been. She isn't singing along with the radio. But it is real. It's very real. It feels like everyday is a little droplet of water. So much happens, but it's so hard to see it until one day you stop and look and notice that theres been a flash flood. I'm flash flooding right now. Overwhelmed. Consumed with Love and Worry. Lost but Found. Needy yet Independent. I feel all things today. It's odd that the joys of yesterday have been eclipsed by the worries and burdens of today.
Pray for us. There are things brewing.
Not so good things.
EDIT: I've realized something...
I am so amazingly BLESSED that these worries of bills and arrangements are terribly insignifigant.