Blah Week

today things like...
randomly picking up bits of the house
stolen moments with Doodle
trying to nap but getting phone calls
quick trips outside then
noticing that p.j's & tank tops are
NOT suitable for outside right now
writing down resolutions
organizmessing yarn
(not quite organizing.. really just moving the mess)
smelling sugar plum fairie tarts
eating mac & cheese outta the pot
and trying to stay awake
... are happening.

seems this week has little meaning when Christmas has just passed and New Year's is right behind, but I am excited to take a friend half way home. I'm going to Atlanta Wednesday and I hope to have a camera working by then :) there's a TWO STORY Target you should all be jealous of. :)

This past week was amazing though. Opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning. I had forgotten how magical it is. Even though Doodle doesn't really know what Christmas is yet, she was STOKED to RIP paper and get new toys. I could see that much in her eyes. She is wore out though. Waking up early everyday and seeing so many people really makes her sleepy. She's taken three naps already today... which is a lot. We've also had company this week! Natalie and her hubby, Duck came and spent the night with us. They are so fun to be around and I always have such a great time with them. I really wish they lived closer so we could hang out more. Natalie cleaned up my laundry room & folded all of our clothes while we were at church... she is a angel I tell you. Only an angel would fold that many clothes and be happy about it. It was really sweet and I kinda cried a little about it. She also got me the most AWESOME presents ever. (She does every year, but she just knows my sweet spots so it's easy for her) I got a BEST FRIEND embroidery wall hanging.. it looks like half of a heart best friend necklace. ITS FREAKING ADORABLE! A hand painted tea mug that says "I love tea." Which I do! A pair of handmade ear rings and a knitting book!!! Lovely gifts, lovely people. I want to do it more often... we can leave out the gifts IF we HAVE to. :)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas week.
I really did.
I think it was the best one I have ever had.
Let's make this week count too!


and to all....

This post is full of pictures. I hope you don't mind. :)

Our Christmas Eve will be spent watching this with our cousin and friend Daniel while sipping on Hot Chocolate. Our tree will be lit and our little fireplace will be aglow & all the lights turned out.

What neat holiday traditions do you have?

We Wish You A...


oh em gee

um, where has this etsy store been my whole life & why am I just now finding it!!!!

no engery for real post

do i really have to clean?
i feel so icky.
and tired.
and sleepy.
and it's raining.
and robutussin makes me feel swimmy.
"yes, heather. you HAVE to clean. I'm sorry."



do you ever just feel...


i do today.

i feel very silly!

i double dog dare you to post your silly pictures! and link back I wanna sees!

photos made lovely by poladroid

Today I Must

- finish orders placed by people I know
- fold laundry 
- take a shower
- start making christmas presents
- put away clean dishes
- clean bedroom
- clean bathrooms
- bathe doodle
- go somewhere, anywhere today to get out of the house.

:) someone please hold me accountable to at least four of these things so I can feel accomplished today.

So I saw a post recently that was absolutely beautiful and I highly suggest that you all go over and take a peek. I really love that idea. A color Sunday. Of course I couldn't devote myself to something like that because I know I would forget. :P

But I must admit that this obession with mustard yellow is getting a little out of hand. It's just about the only color I can think in. I've been trying to make a hat with some Red Heart in Gold and the pattern that I'm using is SUPER hard. I've already frogged (undid ALL of the crochet) 10 rounds.  :( sad days yesterday on the couch here. i am determined to make this hat.. so I'm regathering myself and getting ready to hit it again. after I do my to do list.

(I've tried to put pictures in this post... the computer hates me right now. Deepest apologies for plain text.)


etsy shopping

i wannait!!!!!!

I am in the shopping world of etsy looking for a cute diaper bag and all you savvy ladies, please tell me who you love for your bag purchases. I must admit that I adore Amy Butler's fabric and anything that is retro, shabby, vintage, bright, so ugly its cute, and the like. have ya'll came across anything you like? please, please share!


my photo :)

i am so behind in every aspect of my life... i don't even feel like catching up.

i have a TON to do this week:
-i HAD an appointment today.. which i just realized I missed.
-crochet things for craft show this weekend & for etsy & orders that have been made
-clean the house tonight before parents come over
-keep the house clean
-wash the mt. everest of dirty clothes
-set up for craft show 
-bonfire @ the rock ranch
-NATALIE IS COMING!!! (super excited!!)

I'm sitting here looking at my daughter, who in 6 days will be 7 months old. She is so grown-up. She is sitting on the couch next to her daddy in her thermal pajamas sitting up playing with the remote and looking generally cute as a button. She's crawling blogger world. CRAWLING. For the past few weeks it's progressed from scooting to crawling and I am so terrified. Now, she's trying to take Daddy's playstation controller and play Madden. Good luck with that. I love her so. So much it makes me want to cry and tell you all how thankful I am for her and what she has done to this once sad heart of mine. This morning we cuddled and played in the softness of our down comforter & each little grin would squint her eyes and lift up her ears. She has such a great attitude! I hope she keeps it & I hope nothing ever breaks her heart or makes her think that she is any thing less than the most beautiful, precious, special thing in all the world. Because, she is. 

Even though I missed a thanksgiving post.. (which I meant to do but had to take my cousin to the hospital because she went into labor at our Thanksgiving Lunch) here is what I'm thankful for
- a home
- my wonderful husband
- my lovely daughter
- friends who love me for who i am
- running water
- a warm bed
- a family that loves me and supports me in everything I do
- yarn & more yarn!!!
- my car
-  breast feeding
- thrift stores
- my church 
- multiple pairs of shoes 
- all the things I have that I complain about.. because without it would be terrible
- earl grey tea
- hot tea
- coffee
:) i could keep going but i think that will suffice for now.

Well, everyone Have a Merry Christmas just incase life gets a little crazy and I'm not back until then!