Oh Happy Journal!

I am so super excited about the Journaling for A Cause Class hosted by Janel! The money she earns from this class and various other projects is going towards her Bring Pita Home fund. Pita is a little girl from another country that Janel and her husband are trying to adopt. So, this class means so much to me for many different reasons. Adoption is near and dear to my heart & I am so happy that I can do SOMETHING, while doing something I enjoy too. Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge Was AMAZING too! So, I only expect good things from this class!
This is my journal!!!!
Oh, the love that I have for it is immense! Do you see the ribbon book mark? The thrifted-vintage velvet ribbon in mustard? The brown crochet flower adorned with a gold button? And the thrifted-vintage fabric? It is heaven on this earth people! HEAVEN! I had a fun time putting all this together. I made a mess that is out of this world, though... which still needs me to clean it. Ha, I will revel in my creation right now. Forget cleaning.
This journal brings me great happiness. :)

I am so happy I FINALLY used that scrapbook paper. I've had the matching pair for over two years now. I love the french feel to it & the text that was cut off said "BON VOYAGE". Then there is the ribbon bookmark. *sigh* I seriously CANNOT wait to get started!

Perfection. This is the back!

This bad little mamajamma is my handmade journal. It doesn't make me as happy for some reason. Maybe cause it was a real pain in the bootie. I love the look of it and the feel of it. But that over all giddiness just isn't there. This is the first journal I've ever made by hand, and boy it was work!
I used watercolor paper (from Wal-Mart), cardboard (from the back of the watercolor book), glue, an old t-shirt, gold paint & buttons. While all that sounds fun, underneath the cute cover is where the real work is.
I'm going to try again and make a thicker journal, as this was our "practice journal". But I think next time I will be prepared mentally before going in! I'm making this sound way worse that it really was, because the after product is really amazing. I mean... I MADE a journal. From paper and thread and glue. That makes me feel empowered. :P
I used this link as my main reference! It was really informative and helpful!!
What do your journals look like? I would love to see them too!!
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Monday!!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i looooove this journal! i cant wait to see what else you create if the cover alone looks this awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute journals- both of them. .I love the cover of the first one!!

With Love, Jamie said...

Cute journal! Aren't you so excited?? I'm off to do the first page!!
P.S. you have a new follower ;)
xx, Jamie