Home Ec Prayers Answered!

new sewing machine

Sewing Machine HK

Singer Hand-Crank Sewing Machine

Kindernähmaschinen - Toy Sewing Machines

Rachel over at Smile & Wave, along with some very wonderful ladies (leigh-ann & courtney) are teaching a Home Ec Class!!
Oh, I want to be apart of this!
I need to learn how to perfect my sewing abilities :D
AND the projects! OH, the projects look so delightful!
One of the main things I want to make is a duvet cover out of vintage sheets!
It's like God has answered a prayer.
Now, I just need to find that stash money that I never have.
I'm thinking.
There's a COIN savings for a new computer...
maybe, just maybe, the hubs will allow.
I mean, sewing skills will clothe us, keep us warm, provide happy times... right?
I need to be in that class.

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