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So. In my absense I have taken up quilting! I'm quite excited about it and when I finish my first quilt I'll do a big reveal! But these photos have been my inspiration and motivation in teaching myself to sew! It's taken ALOT of tutorials and youtube videos, but by golly I've done it! If you really want to quilt and want to learn here are some of the things that I've follwed/watched/read! Enjoy!!! All you quilters out there... What sites/blogs do you LOVE!? Please share!! :)

This webiste about machine quilting & how to put your quilt together

How to make a "charm pack" (pre cut fabric sqaures!) baby quilt

These lovely free tutorials!http://aquiltisnice.blogspot.com/p/tutorials.html

This fun & beautiful blog! 

Learning to Quilt

I have always loved quilts! I can remember my mom and dad and various friends all hanging out around a wooden saw horse that had a huge quilt streched out across it. They would sit around and laugh and chit chat all while hand sewing the quilt together! Granted I don't have the patience, or the man power to do such a thing, but I do have a sewing machine and an aching in my heart to use it! So... you can guess what I did! I taught myself to QUILT! Yeppa. Thanks to blogs, youtube and various other things, it was WAY more simple than I th


30 Day Journal Challenge {2011} days 1-12

6.1.11 Day One

6.2.11 001

6.3.11 002

day 4

6.5.11 001

6.5.11 001

6.7.11 001

6.8.11 001

6.9.11 001

6.11.11 001

I've been working
6.12.11 001 

I've been working on my 30 Day Journal Challenge! I'm really slacking about blogging them, but I've been uploading them to flickr in a somewhat regular manner. ;)

From the last challenge, the last picture, I've learned what Zentangles are! I've been making zentangles for YEARS and never knew thats what they were called, look at these amazing pictures I found on pinterest:

You get the idea! It's so relaxing to just sit there and absent mindedly draw. It doesn't take skill, or even great drawing talent, which I really don't have any of. I'm a doodler. Not a drawer. I can draw, but I have to focus way too much and everything is always wonky and never proportionate. *shrugs* These zentangles are just satisfying bits of doodles that you really should get out a pen and do some right now! ;)

Also, I'm obsessed with pinterest. :) I spend ALOT, way more than I should, of my time there recently. I just love looking at all the cool things! If you're on pinterest add me!! I'd love to follow you too! :)

I hope you are all well and you're enjoying your summer!


Little Wishlist

I've been looking up things for my little bean in the oven. (which after the dream I had last night I'm 85% sure its a boy. With blonde hair.) And I'm just going to post a few (read alot) of things I want for this little'en.


30 Day Journal Challenge v. 2.0 {2011}


Janel from Run With Scissors is having another 30 Day Journal Challenge! Last year I stumbled upon Janel's blog just a few days after she had started the 30 Day Journal Challenge version 1.0! It's a totally free class of great prompts & sharing your pages with the Flikr group. Last year was so much fun for me! It really got me out of this crazy uncreative rut I had been in for a very long time. It helped me overcome some serious issues with myself and honestly, it brought back a lot of joy and fun to my life. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but I promise you I'm not.

Here's todays page:
6.1.11 Day One
6.1.11 Day One

Simple. :) I used my sharpie pen for the writing then used Autumn's fat crayons for the design! I have to say that the idea of the background wasn't completely original! A couple of days ago Janel posted an aritst feature and I was really inspired by all the graphic designs the artist used and she used a lovely,way more even, zig-zag pattern and I just did my own interpretation of that. But, why is it SO theraputic to color with crayons? Seriously. It is so relaxing!

I can't wait to show you more of my journal pages! :D I hope you all are having a GREAT summer so far!