Not too long ago my parents put a bid in on one of these houses for Doodle.
Doodle's House & Car
Well, they got it & Put it in their yard next to Doodle's little Bug.
Can you imagine the wee happiness that a little one felt?
doodle's door
She wasn't quite sure if it was hers... but she knew she liked it!
Her grin was from ear to ear and her eyes lit up like the moon!
doodle's house
She knew what to do, too.
She peeked out all the windows and stepped out the door.
She waved and yelled.
doodle's pink bug
Then she was ready to ride!
Doodle has such fun out at Nana & Paw's house.
With the summer being as hot as it is right now, it's hard to go out and play.
Tonight we spent the evening in the pool, trying to recover from yesterday.
Doodle is sick with strep throat. It has been a nightmare.
But she is getting better and her anti-biotics are kicking in.
I'll be glad when it's over, though.
Its really hard seeing her in such pain & not being able to make it go away.
Today was much, much better! She still has a small fever, but she ate and played a little bit today. :)
I'm taking joy in those small moments.
Tonight in the pool she decided she was ready to start going under.
She's too cute, guys.. I really can't begin to tell you.
She's growing so fast and so sweet (despite her in her sickness).
I hope all of you know the joy of a child someday.
It's honestly divine and a Godsend!

I hope everyone stays COOL and has a mar-VAH-lous saturday. I'm thinking some thirfty shopping is due for tomorrow! :)

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