today we find Doodle happy to be playing outside

It is raining and dreary, but I'm outside anyways on our porch. We've been keeping Doodle's Exersaucer out here lately due to the nice temperatures. We are a hot natured bunch, Doodle included, so when it gets a little chilly we just put on a jacket or hat. Doodle seriously loves being outside. She is so facinated by trees and things.  It makes me so happy to see her alert and playing and giggling. It's such a precious thing.

I wanted to share with you one of the hats that is at Hissy Fits! Below is the one that turned out to be my favorite! It's "Citron" Green with a "Pumpkin" Flower. These two colors together just make me so excited and happy. I really like the added border on the bottom of this hat. It was a simple single crochet in the back loop only. :) It's mahvolous! Doodle rocks it out nicely too!! I wish I would have gotten a shot of her outfit that day. Daddy dressed her and she had on the purple shirt & orange & black leggings. It was too cute & so mis matched, it made my heart swell. The hubs is a HUGE fan of little girl tights as am I.



Have you ever realized that you just had a FAVORITE of something, and unless you had that favorite something nothing else compared? Well, that is my case with Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick & Quick (they could have thought of a simpler title;)...). I've recently made a CRAPton of baby hats. I know more than 12... :D and I am currently hooking another baby hat, but this time using a different yarn. This time I'm using Lion Brand Homespun. It is nice and soft and squishy, but it just doesn't measure up to Thick & Quick for some reason. So.. I've already done 3 rounds and put the hat down because its boring to me. Does this happen to anyone else?! Maybe it's the brown? I don't know.. but I just want to hook with my Thick & Quick. It's so funny, but it makes me irritated. Hopefully I can make it through this hat & get back to the good stuff!

Well, crafty people around the world... I have HUGE news!! Heatherlymade has made it into the RETAIL world!!!! As of today, there are 8, count 'em, EIGHT, baby-toddler-kid hats at Hissy Fits in Griffin, Ga. It's in the Wal-Mart shopping Center in Griffin & they have the CUTEST things there. (Plus, a lot of LOCAL handmade things... like mine!) I am so excited that someone has taken interest in my crochet items and I'm hoping I can drum up some business for myself. I really want my crochet career to take off, but it's seems as if I'm not doing something right. I've only had one sale on Etsy since I've joined. I'm not sure if I don't have enough listings or if I need to promote myself more by joining forums or paying for a spotlight. 

Etsy peoples, have you noticed things that help your etsy out? I really need to sell somethings, because we really need that little extra bit. What are your tips and advice? I really need some motivation and input. So, please share. What works? What doesn't? Take a look at my Etsy... what do you like about it? what DON'T you like about it? I really want to improve. (and sell something :) ) 

p.s. Did I mention that I bought Doodle the sickest tu-tu ever made today @ hissy fits? it's for her halloween costume! It's handmade & oh so cute in white, pumpkin and black with ribbion bits. I CANNOTTT wait for Halloween so she can wear her orange and black striped tights with her pumpkin onesize & her tu tu. I even tried to paint her toenails today (EPIC FAIL!). I can't wait to show youuu!! 


lovely monday

hello everyone! how was your monday? mine was quite lovely. i think one of the best i've had ever! robin was home (work WILL come in!! and we thank GOD for it!!) and we slept in as late as our little doodle bug would let us. if i were to tell you the hour, you would be super jealous! *ahemtwelveintheafternoonahem* :D she's a sweet little cuddler as long as she has her pacy & you change her diaper when she tells you to & keep her fed. she'll sleep in IF you do all those things. granted she didn't sleep that long, she just let us get in some sleep while she entertained herself in between us. 

then we got all woken up and played with doodle in the bed. she loved that. we cooed and aaahed and laughed. after all that playing we suited up and left for some grocery shopping & errands. she fell cozy & asleep on the way & slept all during our lunch. it was so nice to enjoy lunch without having to keep her entertained or keep her from lunging herself at our food. she woke up while we were on our way to the store. just in time to be cooed over by some grandma who's grandkids lived in texas. i love those little on-lookers, but sometimes they just creep me out. how long can you sit there and stare at a baby? anyways. 

when we got back to the house was when the fun really began. we put up the refrigerated groceries then headed out to the yard to throw the football around. doodle got to get in some quality play time too in her exer-saucer. she loves that little thing. it makes her so happy to hit the buttons & swivel around. robin is trying to condition me in my throwing. we found out i'm pretty decent for a girl, but i throw in a weird way that really hurts my elbow of all places & i can't throw very, very far.  when doodle started getting bored in her exer-saucer, we got her out and strapped her in the stroller for a ride. we started out walking through the woods, but it turned out to be a little too violent in the stroller so we headed back to our drive way then onto the open road. after living her for 7 or 8 months, this was the first time we have ever walked our entire road. it was so nice to see our little neck of the woods close up. we found different kinds of berries, little streams, and puppy friends and other things you just don't see zooming down the road t 60 miles an hour. we clocked our walk at 2.7 miles. it seemed longer than that, but it was such a nice walk. 

it took up the majority of our afternoon walking around and playing around but finally we packed up in the car AGAIN and went to my mama's for some chicken pot pie dinner! 

well, that was my day. :) it was such a nice one, i just had to share it with you!!



the hat that started it all. 
i'm still making hats. and it seems that none are as cute as this one. i guess thats the beauty of a great idea. nothing lives up to the original thought. 
i'm trying to keep myself inspired, and for some reason that is very difficult today. 
i haven't been making as many hats as i would like. and the ones that i have made..
well, lets face it... they ain't cutting it. i'm not following a pattern 
& it seems that each hat is going kind of haywire.
i've more so created my own hat recipe. it has it's benefits for me. it has its downfalls. 
right now the downfall is i'm worried things just don't look right.
and i've ran out of black yarn. 
black seems to be everyone favorite choice. 
i need to journey to a craft store....

what projects are you working on? what has inspired you lately?

p.s. i miss you, granny blanket. i see you over there in the corner eyeing me. i know you feel forgotten.. alas you are not. i'd like to get back to working on you asap. :)



oh dear me. i just tried my hand at embroidery.... uh, i suck. i really do! i also suck at cutting felt. ha, but i gotta keep trying because I have some pretty awesome ideas bumping around in my tangle of thoughts. if i can get these tangles sorted out then i think i will have the cutest little craftiness i have ever made or thought up!!!

i am so sad though. i am still camera-less. there are tons of things that i go to get the camera to take pictures of then i remember, "oh... the cameraS are broke." :( sayad. 

so, this weekend there was an AWESOME cold snap. i'm talking sweater, long sleeve, hat, scarf, socks, boots, hot beverage weather!! it was so lovely. we went to a festival in a little small town about an hour from home & walked around until it started raining & vendors called it quits in the frigid temps. doodle was wearing her hat & i got TONS of compliments & WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT!?!?'s. of course, i didn't have any cards with me *slaps head* DOH! but i wrote down my etsy store for some people & told them to check soon & i would have some infant hats up soon. :) i also may start doing some consignment work. i'm not sure how it all works out, but i'm excited for the chance to get out there. i just need to be a little more confident & chatty. i don't know why but i have a hard time trying to sell my own things. by that i mean, i have a hard time selling it up with words. i'm not as chatty lately & it just makes me ill. 

i have a new investor.... this is going to sound so funny, but it's my mom. she took me to the store today & bought me some yarn, felt, embroidery floss & needles. she's officially my private investor. she's hoping i can get a bunch of hats made for her to sell at work & for me to sell on consignment & to individuals. so fingers crossed everyone! fingers crossed! 

can i ask you guys a question? what would make my blog more fun? i've seen things like "what im wearing today" or "my journal entry" or "etsy finds" or reviews... but what do you like to read about? what do you like to see? let me know!!! ;)

well, thats all folks! have a g'night!


winner winner chicken dinner!

she's the winner of the handmade give-a-way (set of cotton coasters, a coffee cozy in mustard, a pair of button stud earrings & teal owl earrings)!!! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to e-mail her and talk with her a little bit! Jennifer, if you see this I need your e-mail :) you can e-mail me @ heatherxdawn@gmail.com
To all of you lovely ladies out there who commented & tweeted & posted, thank you all so much! I'm pretty sure I'll host another give-a-way soon & I hope you will all come back and try to win some lovely freethings! 
Well, Jennifer I'll be e-mailing you when I post this!!! 
Everyone have a lovely weekend.
Right now I'm freaking out watching "The Mist" with the hubs & Daniel. Freaaaaking me out. I don't do well with scary movies! 


hard times

harley, my kitty child is licking my plate clean. but first he decided to make biscuits in my yarn then, he decided to drool on me and cuddle me. he was warm. it lasted for a few short fleeting moments. 
some tough things happened today. but we are on the other side. thank God. and things WILL get better from here on out. we understand each other. my love is recognized. the feelings have been felt. and it seems like a relationship mended from the tiny tears that satan tries to destroy us with. 
other things are clouding my mind. monetary things. things that allow God to shine in our lives. how we can be better stewards of what he has blessed us with. how God can take a little and make it a lot or enough. i am pleased and thankful for just enough.  i am willing to sacrifice. and that may mean you, dear internet & mac. 
i also know that my macbook is for sale along with a wireless router & wireless mouse. because of those monetary things.  sadness... but things are only things. if the internet, computer, tv & whatever else has to go I know I'll have my yarn & crochet hook & books & outside & meals to cook & doodles to kiss and snuggle. and the Lord to cling to. 
so pray for us. 
because we are obedient & we are trying our very best to follow his word. 


i swear this time i will.....

actually make a blanket. honestly. i am going to do it. i will crochet atLEAST 7 squares a day! it is my personal goal to have this blanket done within 2 weeks. yep, two weeks.  
i started a ripple blanket way back in feb. of this year. i never quite finished it... and now when i look at it I feel as if it is growling at me, and that is not a pretty feeling. SO, I am crocheting a new blanket for Autumn in the same color scheme (sans the white) in grannies. Of course, I have to venture over to Attic24 for much needed inspiration & I learned how she joins her grannies together as she goes. It is a lovely thing & she's shown us how to do so very well! Just look on her side bar at the bottom & there will be couple of awesome tutorials! 
Well, I'm getting back to the drawing board! I'll keep you updated.


plans ruin

(natalie & i; nov. '08)
As it would seem, I never can accomplish what I set out to do. Either life gets in the way or technical difficulties. I was going to write up a fallish post, because it is finally feeling like fall in these parts and the chilly snap has inspired me. Robin and I decorated our house yesterday in our fall decor & I just wanted to share the lovelyness of it all, but my camera has decided to poop out on me. It won't cut on. I know the batteries aren't dead, so I'm not quite sure whats going on with it. So, until the camera is working again, I will leave you with some pictures from last year. :)I'm pretty sure it hasn't been that long since I've seen ^that one, but I miss her so. It seems like her and I have gotten closer these past few months and I know it's because we've seen each other frequently (& because we've actually been calling one another.) But living a few hours from your best friend really sucks. At least I know Natalie and I will see one another on my birthday & her birthday. I also know that this year we will take pictures under these same trees when we celebrate her birthday and all the November birthdays at her Grandmom's house. So, here's to traditions that start themselves

p.s; ONE week left on the GIVEAWAY, 
so tell all your friends to come by
 (don't be greedy & not tell anyone so you win, that's no fun!!! ;))


Reasons I loved TODAY!

i've devised a master plan.
to tell you the reasons for 
loving today.
please enjoy
1. because i woke up late & still managed to look decent & have on clean clothes!
2. singing songs that bring on the worship.
3. sunday lunch at home.
4. teaching a craft to a fellow lovely.
5. planning to teach a craft to more fellow lovelies.
6. capturing pure beauty

7. being around someone who understands it all.
8. compliments on my handiwork.
9. handmade fall decorations
10. pumpkin pie blizzard
11. along trips to wal*mart
12. good advice from loving people
& finally
13. a comfy bed to sleep in & love bugs to cuddle with

hope you had a lovely sunday. 


hmm, fridays :)

Hi, there! How is blogger world? Everyone doing okay? I certainly hope so! I am sitting here in this sunny patch in my home, Doodle's room. She's napping sweetly in her crib (trying to get her used to it) while I sit in the rocking chair hooking away, listening to lovely ladies & boys Eisley and soaking up the sun light that filters through these blinds. It really is an awful thing that the sun is on the side of the house that only has one window. At least Doodle's room is a blissful soft lavender color and quite cozy in the floor department. 


I really would like to make her decor more cozy. I subscribe to one lovely lady who posts nursery room reviews everyday & I have to say Doodle's room is quite shabby... and not in the cute, good way. There are a lot of half completed ideas in here and things waiting to be hung and toys waiting for home and big things needing a home away from the living room. 

Her room is tiny.... all these pictures were taken from the middle of her room & every space on the walls are filled with furniture.. the placement is very hard to make it cutesy.. but intend on doing it! It may takes sometime.. but it will happen.

I would love for Doodle to have a space for the books & toys & little things we will be collecting like this gem I found at thrift store for $1.00

Isn't it darling? It has the CUTEST illustrations in it & every nursery rhyme known to man!

I want to print this out and use it on her walls, I just LOVE it!!! 

I would love her her room to have a touch of new with some vintage & handmade love in it too! I seriously want to make her a butterfly mobile! Those are so adorable!!! Right now the mobile we have in here is a shell wind chime that I have had for years in blue, green and white. 
I'll keep you posted on the little additions and collections we make to Doodle's room. I'll be on the hunt for some cuteness at thrift stores & yard sales!
Have A Happy Friday!!!