This is my brain on paper

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind:
Day 1- Introduce Yourself!

Day 2-What is the Best part of your day?

day3- write a love letter

day 4-what does your heart look like?

day5- BLOGS i LOVE
(^it should say *you... oh well.)

so as you can see, I'm on target with the Journal challenge so far, and when I get done here I will start on tonight's challenge! I'm really loving this idea. It's getting me to think about things that I should ALWAYS think about. It's making me realize I have SO much to be thankful and happy about. It's making me see that my life isn't so bad after all.
I'm really thankful to Janel for creating and hosting this challenge. It's such an amazing idea and her promts are so heartfelt! I really feel liberated in a way by showing my journal pages to everyone. It's like... no matter what these pages say, this is who I am... and it's okay. So, major thanks Janel, for giving me this feeling. It's kinda mind shattering.
I feel like the first three entries were kinda rushed, and you can see that in their design. I guess I was just getting used to journaling & doodling again. Adding colors really helped me out alot. I like black&white but I think colors are more my style :)
So far my favorite page is Day 5. The Blogs I Love. And I'd just like to take a minute to say to everyone in my google reader & the blogs i follow on blogger:
your idea's, favorite pictures, animals, stories and personalities make the internet so much more fun. you've inspired me. made me laugh.made me feel like i'm not alone in this world in the fact that i'm obsessed with random objects and crazy design.
you are really too cool to be friends, but blogs just make it that much more fun.
so, thank you for what you do and please don't stop!

well, I'm off to journal!
check out the Flickr Group & if you want to start now, it's NEVER too late! :)

ps; i officially love FLICKR! It just clicked with me the other day how to work it & it is so amazing.



Today I saw this:

and I felt instantly drawn to do this!

I feel like it's something I MUST do.

SO... here's my journal all prettied up!

journal cover

yippee! I found the journal in my supply drawer at the computer desk, and it was empty... execpt for the first page. I tore it out and started FRESH! It has lines on the pages, and I prefer journals that are blank natural pages, but hey it was FREE! So, who can complain? Certainly not me.

The journal is hard back and has a texture to it. I used a permant marker to draw the scallops and the swirls and I made a crochet flower to go along with it! It's not super fancy.. or even very difficult but it is my favorite colors and I LOVE swirls! so, YEY!

Are you doing the 30 day journal challenge?