Fat Chance

These are the only things that are keeping me going right now:
008/365 : Everybody Loves a Honey Bear

I've been sick since Monday. :(
I just want to take some Ny-Quil and sleep it out.
Fat Chance.


A Happy First

I'm not used to winning things so this is all very exciting to me!!! Elisabeth from Zomboid.com gave me this lovely Versatile Blogger Award! I am so happy and thrilled! I know a few people read this, but that they find it interesting is mind blowing in a way. It's an awesome feeling!! So, Elisabeth thank you so much! You've made me so happy!!

So, here are the rules to accepting the award!!
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award. (SO DONE!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.


1. I cannot watch scary movies. At all. Ever since I was a little kid I've had nightmares after watching scary movies. I'm not talking about one nightmare.. like everynight for weeks. I guess my mind just can't handle it. I watched one of the Saw movies with Robin when we dated and I had to leave to go throw up. It really just messes me up! I wish it didn't, but it does. So, the scariest movie I've ever watched would probably be Are You Afraid of the Dark. Ha, I am such a dweeb! I know I've seen some... but my memory is totally failing right now. ;) ha.

2. I should wear two different shoe sizes. My right foot is an 11 in womens & my left is a 10. So 11s fit, but are loose on one foot. Tens fit but are tight on one foot. Makes shoe shopping a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. *sigh*

3. I am a little sister. I have a Big Brother. I call him Bubba to this day. Doodle even calls him Bubba. We used to fight so bad with one another growing up. I always thought he was so cool though. He played guitar and listened to cool music and hung out with interesting people. He was never apart of the "IN" crowd, but he had the most interesting friends. I think part of them influenced who I am today. I think it helped me not be afraid to just be myself.

4. I sing. At church I lead a ton of songs and I play the piano on a lot of them too. I've been told I should go on to American Idol.. but I know those people were just being nice. I love & hate to sing. I love it because I've been doing it since I was about 6 and it's just who I am. I hate it because it puts you OUT THERE. It's a huge leap of faith for me, because I am really self concious and judgemental of myself....

5. I LOVE to read. I've read countless books this year. It would take too long for me to count but I'm sure it would take both hands. I really love Y.A. books, but I'm branching out of that genre into more adult themes. I started reading classic novels this year too... Pride & Prejudice.. A Picture of Dorian Gray.

6. I have TERRIBLE eyesight. I have an astigmitism in both my eyes & two differnt perscriptions in each as well. I can't wear contacts because they dry out my eyes like CRAZY. I also have a ton of "floaters" in my eyes. Floaters are scratches that you can actually see...

7. My mom is a breast cancer survivor!!! When I was 7 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember it being really odd that she wasn't at home a lot and all of our family was at our house 8 hours away. So, breast cancer is a really close subject to my heart. It's one of the reasons I chose to breastfeed. Women who breastfeed have a lower risk of devloping breast cancer. And babies who were breastfed also have fewer risks of having breast cancer. I know that my mom's grandmom had breast cancer. I've always heard that it skips a generation and I want to protect Doodle as much as I could! :) Thanks to Breastfeeding I have a JOB! I'm a breastfeeding peer counselor at my local WIC office! So, if you mamas out there ever have any questions about the boobs, I'm totally here for that!!! ;)

YAY! I guess you guys will know me a little bit better now! It feels strange bearing all that to you guys, I hope you don't think I'm crazy about the scary movies, but it's totally true!! Ask any of my friends!

Now, I would like to award these lovley bloggers! They make me smile, want to get online, inspire me and I find them so interesting!!

1. Becky from Strumpets Crumpets

2. Cuppy from Miss Cuppy

3. Chelsey from Always Learning

4. Jen from Miss Jen

5. Kelly from Get The Words Out

6. Lucy at Attic 24

7. Mandy from She Breathes Deeply

Thank you ladies for making my days full of inspiration and fun! Your blogs are really dear to me!!!xoxo

Hope you all enjoyed!!! Thanks again Elisabeth! YOU ROCK!!!!

Magical Moon, Pumpkin Glow



My Pumpkin

Our Pumpkins
Last Night's moon was so magical and eerie. I wish my yesterday was as magical, but I spent the majority of it in the bed with a fever and tons of sinus pressure & drainage. I'm still not perfectly well, but I'm drinking hot beverages for my poor throat.
We carved pumpkins this weekend at my friend Destiny's house! It was so much fun! I must admit I got completely frustrated with my pumpkin & went to roast pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds were interestingly addictive. So, while I was getting that ready Robin finished my pumpkin! I didn't know he was going to! As the night wore on the guys got ready to watch Freddy Kruger.. the new one. (I am NO scary movie watcher so I have no clue what the name of it is...) I lasted about 4 minutes watching it before I ran off screaming. Yes. I am THAT person. Get over it. I scare easily, for the most part. Anyway... Destiny didn't really feel like watching it so we drank coffee and chatted a bit then got the laptop and started watching Babies. We had a blast doing that.. there was so much to giggle at and poke fun. When the guys were done Robin was ready to leave. We got home aroun 2 a.m. Which was pretty intense.
I hope our pumpkins last till this weekend, we're having a Fall Bash here at our house for the teenagers in our Youth Group and anyone else who wants to come!
So, if you're in the Georgia area COME ON OVER!
What plans have ye this Hallow's Eve?


Getting Trendy


hewwo friends!!! :)

I have really been getting into some new fashion choices lately & I've been really inspired by a lot of fashion forward blogs! So, with that in mind I want to share with you my newest and most loved out fit right now!

My favorite outfit

Shirt- Goodwill $4

Pants- from Bealls Outlet $16

Shoes- My NEW TOMS! :) and I have not taken them off since I've gotten them! Well, except to sleep and shower! They are so comfy and look good with everything!

These pants are my first pair of skinny leg jeans. I've been terrified of them. Thinking that I would look like this in them:Grilling drumsticks

WAY too big up top and too little at the end! But Surprsingly I LOVE my skinnys!


I have this cardigan!! I got it for $8!!!! :D I LOVE IT TOO! I really just want to revamp my clothes. I've had the same things for a couple of years now and everything has holes in it or I've just outgrown! Trust me, I don't have the funds to buy full price so I've been raiding the clearance racks lately and hitting up the cheaper clothing places! I did get another pair of skinnys this time I got a blue jean pair for only $16. So, slowly I'm adding new peices to my wardrobe!

I really want a pea coat. There is a green one that I have my eye on and it maked me feel so cute when I tried it on, but at $70 it is a little pricey!! It's so hard for me to find a coat/jacket that fits me. I'm bigger sized and really tall... 5'11. So, plus sized things generally are too big in the wrong areas and juniors are always too short. Everything is always too short for me.

I also want to start buying really cute dresses either new or some cute vintage dresses! I'm just so weird when I go shopping though. I tend to be way too critical of myself and when I try new things I don't quite know what to think about it. So, I just stick with getting solid color shirts and blue jeans. But I am so much more interesting than that! I want my clothes to reflect that. In highschool I dressed EXACTLY like what I was intersted in. Of course, that was easy black band t-shirts, blue jeans & converse. And yes a stud belt! Lol. I miss my trendy highschool style! Ladies, I was featured in the yearbook for "best dressed!" haha!! Because I always wore crazy/cute scarves and wrist warmers ;) *sigh* memories.

But anyways.... enough remember when...

What kinds of trends are you following/starting/wishing for this year?

I'd love to see what you like!


Fall Give Away WINNER!!

Halloween girl
We all love the month of October. Whether you live somewhere that fall comes quickly or glides in gracefully, there is something magical about this time of year. Maybe it's the atomsphere but maybe it's just simply uplifting. There is a playfulness in the air that I don't sense all year long. But reguardless of where you are, Halloween marks the beginning of the end. The end of the year is only three months away!! It's crazy! Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us and before you know it we will be ringing in the New Year. (Um, who's ready for twentyeleven yet?! I still write 2009 on stuff... I'm stuck in time.)
Ha, but for those who are loving the fall times, you are the reason I hosted a Fall Give Away!
AND with that being said:
I am GLADLY announcing that the WINNER of the Fall Give AWAY IS......
Fall Give Away Winner
This is so fitting!! I know for a FACT that Becky's favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN!!! Heck, she gets me excited about it! I can't wait to get your pressies sent out to you! I've sent you an email already so you have 24 Hours to respond! And if I get your email in time I can send your goods out TOMORROW! WOOT! Because I am awesome like that.

Well, Ladies and Gent's... wait.. I don't have any gents who read.. Well, Ladies... It is 3 a.m. I am up WAY TOO LATE! But I HAD to get this up! This news was way to exciting to hold in until tomorrow!!!!! Hope everyone is sleeping well, I am getting in bed ASAP! G'night!


Oh My Heavens

Everyone is having fun give aways on their blogs!! I just found a lovely new blog Sunshine & Carosels! & it just so happens she is hosting a BEAUTIFUL give away check it out friends; here

And don't forget to enter my fall give away, dears!

I'll be back later with another "real" post! xoxo



Good Evvvvening!
Velcome to my very special givvve away!
:) Halloween is so much fun! I've got a super give away for all my lovely blog readers!!
*A Crochet Pumpkin (yes one out of my pumpkin patch!!)
*A Cute Creepy Spider Necklace
*A Magnetic Note Pad
*Creepy Cute Sticker Pack
& *Purple & Black Tights!
Every thing you could want & need for Halloween!!! Mwahaha! The only things you MUST do is:
-leave a comment telling me your favorite part about October
for additional entries you can:
-tweet about this giveaway
-blog about this giveaway
-follow my blog
(please leave your email in each comment so if you win I can contact you!!)
I will pick the winners on SATURDAY!!!! You have until Friday, October 22 @ 12:00 a.m. EST to enter! I will email the winner & they have 24 hours to respond! My wish is for you to get the package before Halloween Night!!!
Totally a treat! NO tricks!!! :)


Much Better, Thank You.

After a good nights sleep, a good talk with my amazing Daddy & a fun phone call from my brother AND Robin cleaning the bedroom I feel so much better. Thank you for the comments Cuppy, Courtney & Amy. Thank you. You really lifted my spirits! *hugs*
Onward to fun things! And back to that happy-go-lucky mentality!
CROCHET! Yea, you know how much I love it & lately thanks to all the long car rides to town & back I've been able to get a lot done!
Mainly, I've been working on things for my neice/nephew on the way! My brother & his wife are expecting, with only three more months to go! They are waiting to find out the gender till the baby's birthday! So, lots of neutral colors!
Baby Blanket 3
Simple Granny Square Baby Blanket with Scalloped Edges! I didn't follow a pattern, I just changed colors whenever I felt like it! I knew I wanted to trim it in brown though. It took me about 3 weeks to finish it. The majority of it was done when I went to Natalie's house for the weekend!
Baby Blanket 4
Baby Blanket 1
I love the look of scalloped boarders! It takes FOREVER, but it's so worth it!
Baby Ripple Blanket!
This is another blanket I'm working on right now! It's everywhere I am! These are the colors of the baby's nursery! My brother, who is a Hobby person as well, painted the baby room a beautiful shade of sage green. He also painted stripes in these colors on the bottom half of the wall! It's so pretty! They have dark hard wood in thier house and its so cozy feeling!!
Ripple Baby Blanket
Don't these colors just look so good together? I'm using Impeccable Yarn by Loops & Thread. It's my new favorite! (I still love Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Best though!)
Ripple Baby Blanket
Ha, I just noticed that I skipped the second stripe of blue. Wow. I've ran into a few problems while making this one. But I've corrected them as I've went. I used a pattern from one of my most loved blogs:
Attic 24
The pattern is here.
It is super simple & anyone with basic crochet knowledge could look at her blog and be able to do this! Lucy explains things so well. It's very understandable! She has a ton more tutorials that you can look at in her side bar! A really great crochet resource!!
Ripple Baby Blanket
Ah, it looks so warm and cozy!
My Pumpkin Patch:
Pumpkin Pumpkin
I've been making tons of pumpkins before the blanket craze! Here are the little guys I have left! I gave two away! ;) So, I did have more! But I am PLANNING to GIVE AWAY anther one to one of my lovely blog readers! Keep checking back here for the give away! I can't wait to get it all ready for you! I should have the post up tomorrow!



not in a super great mood. trying to pray my way out of it. its not working.
i just feel so slumpy. & disliked by people in real life. i know this isn't worth my time & i shouldn't care, but I do care. *sigh* moving on...

in other news: my grey Toms came in the mail Thursday! I have not taken them off since. I am in love with them. I know for a fact now I will buy more.

I am alsmost done sending out letters to my Pen Pal group. I think I have just a few more! I've been loving getting letters & things in the mail! My mail box has been a very happy place lately. Gifts from friends & little bits of things from far away people. Thank you for brightening my day! I'm noticing now I'm looking forward to walking to the mailbox. It reminds me of then my bff Natalie and I lived 800 miles away growing up. I used to get so excited to see if there was a letter from her in the mail box. We were pen pals...then e-mail became popular (i'm talking like 1999-2001 here!!) Then we had yahoo chat dates! Haha! Good times.

I've started another blanket. It's a ripple blanket in some really pretty fallish colors. I'll get those pictures up soon.

Just pray for me. That my attitude is improved. Soon.


The Wrecking Sounds of Fall

As you all know, I love Fall. I think that much is pretty obvious on my blog! And one of the coolest prompts we've had so far in the I heart Fall Journal Class is "Create the Perfect Fall Playlist"!

Fall Playlist

Fall Playlist Songs

So, with that being said I created an online playlist that you all can enjoy. Get a peek into my musical prefrences!

Here is the link so you can see the whole thing.

If you are thinking what in the world?! to the selctions, let me explain! I've used to be heavily into finding new bands and listening to new music and being "trendy" when it came to music. When I got out of highschool, I pretty much just kept listening to the music that I liked alot. This playlist reflects that. These are songs that I've been listening to for years now. Some are newer than others. Some I don't really listen to anymore, but they mean Fall to me. Like #1 & #2. I used to listen to the Ugly Organ by Cursive ONLY in the fall/winter season. The windows had to be down and the heat had to be on. The volume had to be as loud as I could stand and I would totally jam out in my car. Now, I don't have that c.d. anymore.. it's in my itunes... Anyway, it iconalizes fall to me. The creepy organ bits, the jangeling keys, the crowd, the announcers voice. Very carnival feeling. Love it.

There are four songs on this list that are in my ALL time favorite songs EVER! Those would be:

In A Sweater Poorly Knit -mewithoutyou

Invasion- Eisley

Nobody Hugs A Rose- Cool Hand Luke

Embers & Envelops- Mae

Memories- Eisley.

Pretty much all songs from those bands I am in love with. I plan to name my next daughter Eisley Mae. :) I guess my life if really influenced by music! Right now (and for the past year or so) my favorite muscian is Brooke Fraser or more recently married Ligertwood. She's a leader on Hillsong and writes and sings some of the most beautiful worship songs you will ever hear! I think I aspire to be like her in my piano playing and singing. Even my song writing. She's so effortless and anoited. I could literally get lost in her songs.

So, there you have it. My music for fall. And my love for music. Hope you liked it!

What are your favorites? I'm curious & would love to hear what you like!!


Becky's Best


The wonderful and massively talented Becky, from Strumpets Crumpets Arts & Crafts is having a FALL GIVEAWAY! There will be two winners! One winner will LUCKILY receive a hand crocheted blanket by Becks herself, and the second winner will receive a $15 gift certificate to her etsy shop!! Can we say AMAZING! I am crossing my fingers for this one!



I’ve had some really good days since the last time I posted! Last weekend I went to Natalie’s house, my long time b.f.f. It was a great visit! She really let me just chill out. I needed that so bad. We watched Veronica Mars & I crocheted. We went to a thrift sale, where I found a beautiful Globe Lamp, Pyrex Dish, Computer Chair and lovely note cards! Natalie found a vintage typewriter, we saw it at the same time & she was quick! It’s a pretty teal color! Loved it! We hung out at Starbucks, an old friend’s house and went clearance shopping! We ate at Rico’s (a really great restaurant walking distance from her house) and tried out a new sushi place in Atlanta. I nearly finished a crochet blanket on my trip and I only have a few more rounds now! It’s very exciting times!

Globe Lamp

It's so pretty! :) Happy Find!

baby blanket

Robin wants to keep it! He really likes the colors! I'm kinda just choosing colors at random.. just trying to use a lot more green than brown or cream. I'm using Loops & Threads Yarn that I got from Michaels. I like the thickness of this yarn! It's a worsted weight, but a little bit bigger than I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby. It's working up really nicely!

I Heart Fall Journal Update:
I Heart Fall Journal Update

I am really slacking.. By that I mean, waiting a week and doing all the entries in one day. It seems a lot easier that way and I am actually more inspired this way. It's working for my schedule, but one of my joals was to journal everyday. *shame* But I am having fun with it, so I think that out weighs not completing a goal.
I also tried out a new recipe this week!! It was delish & simple to make! I've been eating off this Corn Chowder for days! I think next time I will make it a little thickr by either using more flour or using heavy whipping cream.. just a thought.
So, what amazing things are happening in you life right now?