christmas on my mind

i am SO making one of these for christmas. i have been obsessed with them since about october and really wanted to make one, but didn't come across a good enough deal on a wreath. I found what i'll be using at the dollar tree... my favorite place :)

i had planned on making a TON of ornaments as well this year... but uh... life is getting in the way of those plans. 

i have a craft show coming up & i'm not quite prepared for it at all.. and it looks like the only way I'll be able to get anything new made is to stay up past 12. Which as I'm typing now it's 12.30 and I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. (sigh.. i wish i didn't complain so much......)

i have a painting project coming up this week too. my friend destiny and I will be painting a window mural for a community center here in town. excited about it & can't wait to get started.

I really just want to decorate for christmas. i want to turn on my christmas playlist (which is the BEST christmas playlist you will EVER hear:P ) and light up the house and trim it with holly and bunting and handmade things and natural things.

i want a hot cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and my breath to be visable. i want snow and mittens. 

i just love winter. what kind of crazy person am I? 

well, i'm seriously about to slump over the computer.. i promise to do better next time. pictures and paragraphs instead of incomplete sentences. 


p.s. the hubs took me to see NEW MOON tonight. he really does love me. i have to say NEW MOON WAS WAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER. :D that is all folks. *sigh*


i am so thankful for birthday presents to turn out cute
and loved. :) 
please go look @ natalie's blog to see what she got for her birthday.
i would have posted pictures but we are sadly camera-less at this household still.


of course

haa, according to chelsebell @ always learning it is post-super-old-pictures-of-your-manmate-day.
this is manmate, Robin and I on my graduation trip to Panama City Beach, Fl. I was 18 and he was 17. Oh, these were the days. :) We'd been dating about 4 months. Blissful times.

i'm turning into the cookie monster

images from google search cut out sugar cookies

I am absolutely thrilled for this holiday season! I have a killer no-chill sugar cookie recipe & a SIMPLE royal icing recipe! Robin and I have made a TON of sugar cookies lately & we keep practicing and experimenting with different things! I just can't wait for Thanksgiving! I got cookie cutter set you see at the very top with the leaves and acorn from Wal-Mart last week when they marked all the halloween items for A DOLLAR!!! It was orginally $6! WOO! I was super excited too! I also got some orange decorators icing! This year for christmas I want to go sugar cookie crazy.  I want to decorate tons and tons of cookies for everyone I know and then some for my house. I am so excited about this Holiday Season. I'm not sure why either. Last year I didn't really get into the Holiday "spirit" at all. That may have been because I was constantly sick & a ton of pain in my lower back because of baby business, but this year it is such a different story. I can't wait to get down the Christmas stuff and decorate our house for Christmas for the first time!! Our living room is so small we're going to have to re-arrange it to fit our Christmas tree. It's almost 8 feet tall and I'm wondering exactly where it will go... cause we have an angled celing in our living room & the highest point is where the living room and kitchen join... well we'll see how it all turns out!

As for the awesome recipe's I've found it would be RUDE if I didn't share them, right? Right. :)

For some cookie inspiration, you've got to check out this blog!!!!! 
Have a lovely day, ya'll!!!!!


My Little Pumpkin

halloween 2009

Lovely Give A Way

I just have to share something with you. 
Something lovely and something that will make you envious.
I hate to have to share it, but it benefits me to share it with you!
Please go by & check it out. But don't sign up...
because I am being greedy. I want to win this!! :P
I'm feeling quite frisky right now!
But seriously go over there!


Sunday Business

super soft lengthy scarf
in barley, fig and citron

soft round re-useable face scrubbies

i did a little update to my etsy shop. i am really trying to keep items listed & i even re-activated some listings. i'm gearing up for the holidays and I can't wait for Christmas orders!!

I'm also super excited for some CUSTOM orders! It would make my day to make something for someone. I really love crocheting and to know that what I'm making won't just sit in a tote in my craft room brings me the greatest joy. 

So... friends... go 'a shopping!!