Christmas is Coming!

So you better watch out, you better not cry I'm crocheting up a storm I'm telling you why... Heather Dawn is coming to town.
i am so dumb.
Crochet Snowflakes
I've been crocheting snowflakes like theres a blizzard in my hands trying to break free!!
I've done pink and white ones so far! They are easily addictive! I've followed this tutorial!
My Granny Square Blanket
This is my newest project! I am making myself a granny blanket! The colors look so much better in this picture than in real life! I guess the sunlight made them POP! But I'm using I Love This Yarn and it is so soft and squishy I am questioning why I used anything else for the past 2 blankets I made!

Welp... Thanksgiving was spectacular. I didn't-REPEAT DIDN'T- eat too much! HA.. take that TURKEY DAY! I had one peice of Red Velvet Cake, which I have a post planning to share my mothers EPIC recipe! I was actaully sad about thanksgiving food. I have this wierd pet peeve. If everything on my plate is the same color, I get a little wierded out. And everything was yellow. Which is the worst color that everything could be. I know, I'm crazy. Robin tells me that it's a crazy pet peeve! Everything was yellow except for the cranberry sauce and lima beans.
BUT everything was DELISH! So I should shut up, cause my mom reads this blog~
MAMA, you cook so good... don't listen to me rant about everything being yellow. But you probably noticed this too. ;)
BLACK Friday wasn't so bad. I think next year I am joining the ANTI-Black Friday movement though. I got my camera at 1 p.m. I didn't have to wait in a line for it. We got some awesome toys for Doodle at a very low price. It was fun to be with Robin, Daniel and Autumn. It was actually the lowest stress shopping trip I can remember. We went where we wanted and when we were done we left.
Now, I am shopping on the internet. And I think my life has been revolutionised. I'm not a big internet shopper, but, um, I think I will be!
What are you doing to get ready for the holidays?!!


A New BLog Friend!!

Hey everyone! I'm stopping in to tell you all that my REAL friend, Victoria, has joined the blog world!! She's a first time mom who loves to cloth diaper and hang out with her Marine husband! Go check her out!!

Here is her grab button!!!


Happy Thanksgiving & The Dark Day

image found on weheartit. whoever made it, it's stinkin cute!

'Ello everyone!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Are you ready for BLACK Friday!?

Let's all make a promise to NOT eat too much and to pass on the FOURTH helping of Stuffing. Mmkay? Okay. ;)

Can we just pause a minute to talk a bit about BLACK Friday? I've did all my thankfulness and I am so thankful, but I just want to talk about this crazyness... see if you all agree or disagree.

ha, I even made my own silly little graphic!

SO, we here in the US know what BLACK Friday means. I'm not sure if other countries take part in this circus event, but MAN BLACK Friday is NUTS! At least here in Georgia it is. I think entire families go AWOL on one another to get the newest tickle me whatever. If you think Halloween is scary, you better check those costumes at the door, because Granny Do-Gooder is more likely to scare the piss out of you over some $1.99 handtowels in the Wal*Mart isle at 5:00 in the morning! SERIOUSLY! And we wake up EARLY for this HARASSMENT!!

I've only been shopping on Black Friday twice in my short life. I think I lost 10 years of it just because of those days too! Talk about stressful! EVERYWHERE is JAMMED PACKED and people are so ill and mean. You would think saving about $200 would make someone happy, heck no!

The first year Robin and I were married we decided to take part in mayhem. We woke up at 3a.m. to go to Wal*Mart. We knew from a partner on the inside of the W*M crew that there were only going to be THREE LCD T.V's., which is what we were going after. We were the second people in line. We stood in line for three hours. It wasn't so bad. We made friendly with the workers who were there and the people in line with us. We read some magazines, took shifts walking around and talked a great deal about life things.

Around 5-5:30 it was like the gates opened up and SWARMS of people came from nowhere. In just a few minutes there were masses of people behind us in line and I could see other lines forming around the store too. I heard people yelling and cussing that it was 6am already!! Just angry people in general. And no lie, the cops were called. A fight broke out over some electronic device. People were hand cuffed and escorted out!

Are you finding this insane? Is this the Black Friday experince you've had?!

Needless to say, we got our precious 42 inch LCD for $700-ish tv (which is still so lovely and amazing and precious.). We could barely fit it in the car but we got the first one and it was a life experience I'll never forget! But Black Friday is so intense! All the people, all the sales, all the crazyness. Why in the world do we go through with this! We know it's a MADNESS EVENT, the title gives it away, but we just join right in and spend spend spend on things that we really don't need.

I hate to admit it, but this year we are going shopping on BLACK FRIDAY! I think I'm going to wear my combat boots and tribal war paint, because this mama has to get Doodle a Barbie Jeep/ 4wheeler/whatever and a camera. I am scared. And I hate HUGE crowds. But, because I'm a sucker for a great bargin... I'm putting myself through this torture to get $40 off. *SIGH* What kind of sad world we live in.

What do you think about BLACK FRIDAY!? Are you hunting deals? Buying something HUGE!!?

Are you staying in the peace and quiet of your own home, free from the crazies? I want to be you! And I know I could stay home... order online... but when I buy things I like to get it then. I don't like waiting. I'm very impatient. ;)


Thankful For It All

There are so many things that I am thankful for. A few too many to even remember properly. There are the little things I don't think about so often that I am thankful for like running water and heating and air conditioning and clean drinking water. There are the big things that I am thankful for like God, a family of my own, a home and a country where I can be myself. There are ridiculous things that I am thankful for like nutella, I Love This Yarn, Apple Brand, Vintage Pyrex. There are things that I can't stand, but I am thankful for, like my past. Without it, then where would I be? I certainly wouldn't be myself.
I am thankful for you. Yep! You! The person who is reading this right now. You are so amazing to me. This simple gesture, reading, that you are doing is so wonderful to me. I don't know you and I can't see you, but I am thankful for you. Being able to blog makes me feel like there is this small corner of the world where everyone "gets it". They love to craft and find the extrordinary. They think that different is best. You are those people. You make me feel like I belong. You inspre me and drive me to create and think and express. You are so beautiful sitting behind that computer screen! I hope you know it! ;)
What are you thankful for? What ridiculous, little and big things are you thankful for?


Totally Screwball Buttons...

Oh my GOSH!

I just clicked on a button of mine on a friend's blog and GUESS WHAT!!?!

It was all screwbally! :( And doesn't bring you to my blog, but some random search engine.

So, if you have my button on your blog, please oh please grab the new revised one! ;)


Ornament Swap

Strumpet's Ornament Swap
Who would like to swap crafty homemade ornaments this Christmas?! Go here and leave your name and email and how EXCITED you are!!

I am feeling so inspired by this endevor!

I made these the first year I started crocheting! Here is the GREAT tutorial!!

Super easy and you can customize it a MILLION different ways!

LOVE these!!

SQUEE! These are ADORABLE from this etsy shop & it's a pattern!

There are so many ideas running around in my head right now!! I can't wait to get started and meet my partner! Who ever you are, I can promise you this I am going to have so much fun making you some ornaments!!!!


Slow Anger

Sometimes I find it so hard to exist as I am. To figure out when I keep my mouth shut and when to open it. It's so hard to follow His light. Yet it's so easy as well.
I pray that I'm living this life the way you intended it. I hope that I am saying and doing the things that you've asked me to do.
I pray that I am following the path you are calling me to.
God, help me to see with your eyes and understanding.
Not so that I can be all knowing, but so I can make the choices you would make.
Guide me. Lead me. Foster me.
I don't want to screw up.
I want things to be right and only You can do that.
And only you are allowed righetousness.
Please, Lord, Fix it.
Even if they don't want you to.

There are things happening in life right now that are beyond serious. But God can handle it all.

To everyone around me right now, I would say this:

listen to this song.

Let it go.

Mercy holds no memory.

Forgive, but most importantly FORGET!

It only takes two honest words to fix any problem. I'm sorry

People with understanding control their anger;
a hot temper shows great foolishness. Prov. 14.29

Help us God, when we don't know how to help ourselves out of the messes we have made in your Name.


Currently Reading & Doing:

I've started a new book! My first one since reading Redeeming Love! I read Reedeming Love many months ago & just didn't want to leave that story in my mind. I'm very mentally involved in the stories I read and if they are really good I don't want to start a new book. It's proably really strange sounding, but I guess it's my way of respecting what I just read by letting it stay with me. Or I'm just weird. That's totally plausable. ha.

Anyways, this here book is quite interesting. There are a lot of themes and imagery. I've never read a book quite like it. The story is beautifully written and the way that it provokes thought and self examination is impressive. The entire book is written in third person, but each chapter is focused from one character's point of view.

All in all, I am enjoying this book! I even stayed up the other night to read! I haven't stayed up late reading in a long time!

Last night the hubs and I watched this movie. It was okay. I totally predicted the plot as the movie unfolded. I kinda do that a lot. The filmography was pretty, though. I love how movies are looking more like beautiful paintings now. They are so vivid and artistic. There are a couple of scence in the woods that are other wordly and I could tell that they filmed in Vancouver. I was thinking the whole time that the movie looked like Twilight. Zac Efron is actually a really good actor. I was suprised. At least I think he is. So, it's a good movie to watch and do some crocheting to.
And speaking of Zac Efron.. I just found out he's playing the character of Logan Tibolt, from The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I'm a little confused though. Why is a 24 year old playing the role of a 30 year old who will fall in love with a 30 year old? I just have a really good feeling that the romance part of this movie is going to be... strange. Not at all like it is in the book. It's kind of upsetting, because the book was so good. I guess it is true that the book is ALWAYS better than the movie.
My newest project isn't turning out like I had hoped. I'll give you guys an update on that with some pictures soon.
What are you ladies up to this weekend? How have you been spending your shortened days?


A day without the internet

Do you know what its like without internet?!

It's very productive! I washed four loads of clothes. Cleaned my room. Read. Cut my cousins hair. Cooked lunch. Took a nap. Read again.

All day yesterday until 5 minutes ago our internet was down! It was strange. I couldn't check my e-mail. Or watch netflix. Or look around. Or GOOGLE anything. And there were two times when I did need to google something.

It's crazy how much information is right under our fingertips. It's like we have every thing we could possibly know just a click away. If you think about it, thats kind of intemidating. Awesome, but intemidating.

So, now the internet is back on and I'm getting caught up on my e-mails. Toodles!



I am obsessed with Veronica Mars.

I finished the Series. And I am so sad. It ended ubruptly... I guess during the writers strike a couple of years ago, and it never picked back up. STUPID MISTAKE CW! And Rob Thomas (creator, and no not the rockstar. same dude who is doing the new 90210). BRING RONNIE BACK! And Logan too. *swoon*

I have started reading fan fiction.

Yes, it is Twilight all over again.

Except, I am not staying up till 4 am and I am not writing my own versions. yes. I wrote Twilight Fan Fiction!! HAHA!! Love it. I had a lot of waiting to do between books. ;)

And I've only read one so far. I know I'll read more.

But.. you guys have got to know that Logan... oh, man, Logan. Well, he's the thing t.v. shows are made for! Because, he doesn't exist and if he did we would really hate his guts. But on t.v. you just love him. He's not all bad, mind you. He's just that guy who would beat the pulp out of anyone for you and then come kiss you because he's madly in love with you. He's kinda broody and over emotional when you break up, but it's because you're the one for him. You know, that kind of guy who is out there, but we never really find.
Jason Dohring, Polaris 22 IMG_1326

mmm. sexy man. i gotta quit talking about him before my husband finds out.


I miss my Veronica Mars. :( It was such a great T.V. show. It was apart of my nightly routinte :(. Get home, bathe Doodle, Get doodle to sleep, watch V.Mars, crochet, bed.

What t.v. shows are good (other than Glee. Totally a Gleek here.)!? And on Netflix? I adore Netflix! I need something new to watch now....

In other more crafty news:

I finished this Cowl for Cuppy!!

A Cowl For Cuppy!
A Cowl For Cuppy!
A Cowl For Cuppy!


best birthday song ever!





Today is NATALIE'S birthday! Natalie is my BFF. My pretend, but real sister. She's my secrect holder. My person to call when I have no clue whats going on in my life. The inventor of great things. The giggle maker. The most amazing friend.
She doesn't blog very often, but you guys should totally go tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Natalie, thank you for always being my best friend. I honestly don't know what life would be like without you! I wish that you and I could time travel and go back and watch our toddler selves playing! I'm sure I would bite you, then you kick me! But I am so thankful fo you! You are an amazing woman, wife & teacher! Don't you ever, EVER change. You're perfect just the way you are!


...and we should totally have a paint party for your b-day. i'm jus' sayin'


A Serious Case of Wonderlust

Pardon me while I go a bit batty. I am being materalistic, which is very unflattering. I just want things sometimes. It happens to the best of us. It's happening to me. Not that I'm the best or anything, just that I am normal. Well, as close to normal as I could possibly get...

why, yes! I would LOVE a GOLD camera. Get some gold glitter toms to match! YEA! I would kill it with my point n shoot in STYLE.
have i ever mentioned that i love apple.
oh, probably about a dozen times...
^shut up. i'll say it again.
i love apple. mac. i pods. i tunes. safari. steve jobs.
there. i said it. BOOYAH!
I'm not normally so crazy. But I have wanted an iphone for FOREVER. There is rumor of verizon becoming a carrier and I am SERIOUSLY waiting for this to happen. Pins and needles, I tell you! I will not buy a new phone at least until late late next year in hopes that iPhone will be on verizon by then! If not then, CRAP!

i know how awesomei phones are. i think that together we would have super powers. fight crime and listen to really awesome jams while counting our steps and caloric intake and playing scrabble and taking photobooth pictures of us slaying evil villans.
or we just be really awesome. like peanut butter & jelly.
And I really NEED a new camera. Not just want. I've been borrowing my MIL camera for over a year. (After Robin slammed my camera in the car door on accident, which busted the lcd screen. it'll still take pictures.. you just can't see what you're doing or know how to adjust settings.)
so, i'm hoping that the hubs will lovingly get me a camera for this christmas! and those 2 up top are my picks right now. They are seriously impressive!
You know Christmas is like a MONTH and A HALF away! Are you getting excited yet?!? Have you started your wish lists/ shopping/ making yet?! What are you hand making this Christmas! I would love to hear about it!!
I am keeping christmas low key this year. I have NO idea what to do for gifts yet. I feel the anxeity already. I blame the tinsel. And the blinking lights. You can feel free to blame the rotating blow up displays if you wish.
;) Enjoy Your Weekend Dears.
It is supposed to be effing cold this weekend in Georgia! YES!


Ripply Goodness

Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the Baby Ripple Blankie!

Ripple Baby Blanket
Ripple Baby Blanket
Baby Blankets

Ah, looks so cozy. Robin refuses to let me give away the ripple blanket. He loves it. He wants one I'm sure!

I am so please with the way it turned out! If you remember I followed this pattern/tutorial from Attic 24. (My beloved crochet heaven.)

I think I chained somewhere in the range of 120.. I honestly can't remember. I think for a baby blanket this one is actually too large. But, hey baby will grow! Blanket will be big enough!

I edged it out in brown with a simple single crochet. :) It makes me happy.

As for yarn I use the Michael's Store Brand Loops & Threads Impeccable in chocolate, aran, pumpkin, cadet, fern & cherry. I really like the way the Impeccable yarn works up! It's nice and firm without being itchy or scratchy. It moves across the fingers nicely.

Now that I'm free and one day off of this BIG high of finishing this blanket! I can't wait for my next project!

granny square crochet
Folded Granny Square

I'm wanting to do a granny square blanket kind of like these pictures but joined with grey yarn! I already have the yarn on hand & I am starting the process tomorrow @ Destiny's House. We are having a madetory Crochet Day! I can't wait! Robin is watching the baby and I am going to crochet till my hands fall off! YES!

What are you planning? crafting? doing? this week.