excuses and explinations

i am so missing.
missing out on blogging.
and these excuses are really poor.
but, i miss you guys. i know.. these words mean little.
but i kinda loved you guys.
loved your ideas.
loved your crafts.
loved your styles.
so much so i think I may be slightly intimidated.
but the REAL reason I'm so missing is..
I'm lazy and I miss my macbook.
it was so much easier to blog while sitting on the couch
while watching t.v or feeding doodle.
now, i have this room i have to go into
this HUGE monitor to look at.
this UNCOMFORTABLE chair to sit in which leans way too much to the right.
i miss the clicks of the mac keys
and the luminosity of the screen.
but we are much, much better off without mr. mac.
no icky payment we can't afford.

on top of missing blogging..
i've been missing on crafts too.
the last thing I made with my hands was granny squares for the
granny square swap.
i think i'm secrectly just waiting for them to get here
for fresh inspiration and happiness.
i have tons of ideas like
a blanket or pillow cases or framing them or making a tote bag..
you know crafty things.
these are just ideas
because when they DO get here
I am going to let them speak to me.
Let them tell me what to do.
But I SERIOUSLY need a trip to Hobby Lobby.
I think it would prove VERY theraputic to me.

ALSO, I'm still engulfed in the swaptree world.
devouring books like candy.
and getting more books.
and trading more books.
Just to name a few...
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass (LOVE LOVE LOVE them)
Dear John
Glory Revealed (this book is currently changing my life.)

and my to read pile is growing!
plain truth
the other boylen girl
kite runner
ink exchange
the last song
and a few others I know I'm forgetting.

So really every spare momeny of time i have has been spent between book covers.

so when i stop being missing and get inspired again. i'll be back.
and will someone please make me complain less.

So, really in ever single moment of spare time