Have you ever realized that you just had a FAVORITE of something, and unless you had that favorite something nothing else compared? Well, that is my case with Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick & Quick (they could have thought of a simpler title;)...). I've recently made a CRAPton of baby hats. I know more than 12... :D and I am currently hooking another baby hat, but this time using a different yarn. This time I'm using Lion Brand Homespun. It is nice and soft and squishy, but it just doesn't measure up to Thick & Quick for some reason. So.. I've already done 3 rounds and put the hat down because its boring to me. Does this happen to anyone else?! Maybe it's the brown? I don't know.. but I just want to hook with my Thick & Quick. It's so funny, but it makes me irritated. Hopefully I can make it through this hat & get back to the good stuff!

Well, crafty people around the world... I have HUGE news!! Heatherlymade has made it into the RETAIL world!!!! As of today, there are 8, count 'em, EIGHT, baby-toddler-kid hats at Hissy Fits in Griffin, Ga. It's in the Wal-Mart shopping Center in Griffin & they have the CUTEST things there. (Plus, a lot of LOCAL handmade things... like mine!) I am so excited that someone has taken interest in my crochet items and I'm hoping I can drum up some business for myself. I really want my crochet career to take off, but it's seems as if I'm not doing something right. I've only had one sale on Etsy since I've joined. I'm not sure if I don't have enough listings or if I need to promote myself more by joining forums or paying for a spotlight. 

Etsy peoples, have you noticed things that help your etsy out? I really need to sell somethings, because we really need that little extra bit. What are your tips and advice? I really need some motivation and input. So, please share. What works? What doesn't? Take a look at my Etsy... what do you like about it? what DON'T you like about it? I really want to improve. (and sell something :) ) 

p.s. Did I mention that I bought Doodle the sickest tu-tu ever made today @ hissy fits? it's for her halloween costume! It's handmade & oh so cute in white, pumpkin and black with ribbion bits. I CANNOTTT wait for Halloween so she can wear her orange and black striped tights with her pumpkin onesize & her tu tu. I even tried to paint her toenails today (EPIC FAIL!). I can't wait to show youuu!! 

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