we interrupt your program....

to bring you a very special announcement!

from the makers of heatherlymade & nataliexmarie:

that's right friends! After our craft show bust 
we just had to get our stuff out there & into the hands of some eager cutesy-pie's!

If you guys don't know, nataliexmarie is my bestie!! 
but she also makes some really fantastic jewelry! 
From her love of owls, she has created a whole line
of loving owl ear rings, and let me tell ya, they're a HOOT
Not only does she used her beloved owls
as inspiration, but nature influences 
are also found in her crafty goodness.
Using leaves, flowers & birds nataliexmarie's ear rings
are the perfect match for any and all occasions.
Just the other day I was wearing
a very coveted pair of owl ear rings.
The ear rings featured a little owl 
perched on a branch.
He was adorned with black and green beads.
He dangled ever so perfectly & several 
envious looks were thrown my way!!!

As for heatherlymade... well, 
it's just a little something 
I refused to give up.
And by that I mean that I'm a self-taught crocheter. 
Yep, I grabbed up a book at wal*mart 
(:| closest thing to a craft store within 60 miles..bummer.)
& began the journey that took nearly 3 months to even figure out what a double crochet stitch was. (Seriously, it was hideous.)
I tried to give it up. A lot.
Crochet was a mystery to which I couldn't
help but solve & I honestly couldn't rest until I figured it out.
But, now I love crocheting. I don't know if it's because
of all the pretty yarn colors,
or the fact that crochet has purpose,
but I like the way crocheting makes me feel.
I feel like I'm actually making 
something useful. Whether it's dish cloths, coasters or scarves
I know that what I'm making will be used
& that's really important to me.
Besides, it is really fun to have handmade things &
with crochet you can make so much!!!
ok, enough rambling!!!

on with the GIVEAWAY

so... here's what we got!

from nataliexmarie:
one pair of teal & yellow button earrings; 
one pair of  teal & yellow lovey owl earrings; 

from heatherlymade:
a set of 4 cotton crochet coasters in dusty teal & chocolate 
a barista cozy in mustardy yellow!!

don't you want to be ever so stylish in these cute little guys?!

I am already a huge fan of buttons!! I actually have 2 pairs of these little gems & I wear them often! Button earrings are so great, especially when I don't feel like wearing a heavy pair of earrains all day. They are cute & different & just make me all giddy inside!!

so... here's what you gotta do!
(each task counts as one entry & leave a comment for EACH otherwise it won't be counted!
please include your name && e-mail address!!)

-follow nataliexmarie & heatherxdawn on twitter
-tweet about this give away 

-comment on what your favorite item in the give away is & WHY.

-follow natalie & I on blogspot 
(for extra points encourage natalie to become a frequent blogger ;) srsly. 2 extra points.)
-blog about this give away

-visit our etsy shops & tell us what you like or would like to see :

GIVE-A-WAY CLOSES ON OCTOBER 15, 2009 at 12:00 a.m. EST.
The winner will be chosen via random.org & posted.
Also, the winner will receive an e-mail from me and have 48 hours to respond!

There are 7 other contestants who will be added at the close of the give-a-way. These contestants are the only people who registered at our table at the craft show this past week. Our small response is the reason we've extended the give-a-way to our internet pals.
so... SIGN ON UP!!!! 
&goodluck to EVERYONE!! :))))

EDITED SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 1:54 a.m.
(see red text for edited portions of this post. sorry for the scatter brain..)


Carol Anne said...

I'm following both you and Natalie on Twitter! I am thatischarming


Carol Anne said...

I'm loving those button earrings! I had a friend give me button earrings & I love them! Those are cute!

Carol Anne said...

I'm already following your blog and I am now following Natalie's :)


Carol Anne said...

nataliexmarie - green and teal love bird earrings
These birds are sooo cute!

heatherlymade - The Daisy Chain Necklace
What a great accessory! I love the pink and white!

Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!


Jennifer said...

alright! I'm already following your blog. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the button earrings! so cute and so something I would wear.

Jennifer said...

and I blogged about your giveaway!!


ElizabethJane. said...

Already follow you guys and tweeted! So excited!

ElizabethJane. said...

First of all, LOVE the business cards. I'm super jealous. BUT my favorite thing in the giveaway are those adorable button earrings (I love love mine ), but I also love those coasters (I need some super bad...I'm ruining my bed side table). Even if I don't win I'm def gonna need to get some!

ElizabethJane. said...

Blogged it! :)


Chelseabird said...

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I'm following both of your twitters and I tweeted about this amazing giveaway on my own twitter! SN= chelseabird

Chelseabird said...

My favorite item in this giveaway is the barista cozy! I'm obsessed with mustard yellow and I use reusable cozies for my coffee religiously!

Chelseabird said...

I am definitely following both of your lovely blogs :]

Chelseabird said...
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Chelseabird said...

In reference to your etsy shops:

1. I am in love with your vintage red and gold anchor stud earrings!
2. I lovvve your cheery flowered bag! The colors are amazing and it would go with everything that I own!

<3 Chelsea

email: creativechelsea@yahoo.com

sarasophia said...


Puh-leez enter me...I might be too scattered to remember to tweet or anything but, I WANNA WIN YA CUTENESS.

You can quote me on that:P

You both makes such lovely things...Makes me realize I really need to update my Etsy shop.

But, then again, I already have given up on ever sleeping, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

<3 Sara Sophia

Fawne said...

Follow you guys on twitter: Check.
Tweeted about the giveaway: Check

fawnederosia at gmail dot come

Fawne said...

My favorite item: the barista cozy. What an awesome idea! I love it!

Fawne said...

Mentioned the give-away on my blog: check.
Hearted each shop on etsy: Check. (keep up the good work!)

& natalie's blog link isn't working? Did she delete it?

fawnederosia at gmail dot com