the hat that started it all. 
i'm still making hats. and it seems that none are as cute as this one. i guess thats the beauty of a great idea. nothing lives up to the original thought. 
i'm trying to keep myself inspired, and for some reason that is very difficult today. 
i haven't been making as many hats as i would like. and the ones that i have made..
well, lets face it... they ain't cutting it. i'm not following a pattern 
& it seems that each hat is going kind of haywire.
i've more so created my own hat recipe. it has it's benefits for me. it has its downfalls. 
right now the downfall is i'm worried things just don't look right.
and i've ran out of black yarn. 
black seems to be everyone favorite choice. 
i need to journey to a craft store....

what projects are you working on? what has inspired you lately?

p.s. i miss you, granny blanket. i see you over there in the corner eyeing me. i know you feel forgotten.. alas you are not. i'd like to get back to working on you asap. :)

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Priscila said...

I just loveeeeeee ur etsy...cant stop looking at it