winner winner chicken dinner!

she's the winner of the handmade give-a-way (set of cotton coasters, a coffee cozy in mustard, a pair of button stud earrings & teal owl earrings)!!! I'm so excited for her and can't wait to e-mail her and talk with her a little bit! Jennifer, if you see this I need your e-mail :) you can e-mail me @ heatherxdawn@gmail.com
To all of you lovely ladies out there who commented & tweeted & posted, thank you all so much! I'm pretty sure I'll host another give-a-way soon & I hope you will all come back and try to win some lovely freethings! 
Well, Jennifer I'll be e-mailing you when I post this!!! 
Everyone have a lovely weekend.
Right now I'm freaking out watching "The Mist" with the hubs & Daniel. Freaaaaking me out. I don't do well with scary movies! 

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