hard times

harley, my kitty child is licking my plate clean. but first he decided to make biscuits in my yarn then, he decided to drool on me and cuddle me. he was warm. it lasted for a few short fleeting moments. 
some tough things happened today. but we are on the other side. thank God. and things WILL get better from here on out. we understand each other. my love is recognized. the feelings have been felt. and it seems like a relationship mended from the tiny tears that satan tries to destroy us with. 
other things are clouding my mind. monetary things. things that allow God to shine in our lives. how we can be better stewards of what he has blessed us with. how God can take a little and make it a lot or enough. i am pleased and thankful for just enough.  i am willing to sacrifice. and that may mean you, dear internet & mac. 
i also know that my macbook is for sale along with a wireless router & wireless mouse. because of those monetary things.  sadness... but things are only things. if the internet, computer, tv & whatever else has to go I know I'll have my yarn & crochet hook & books & outside & meals to cook & doodles to kiss and snuggle. and the Lord to cling to. 
so pray for us. 
because we are obedient & we are trying our very best to follow his word. 

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