oh dear me. i just tried my hand at embroidery.... uh, i suck. i really do! i also suck at cutting felt. ha, but i gotta keep trying because I have some pretty awesome ideas bumping around in my tangle of thoughts. if i can get these tangles sorted out then i think i will have the cutest little craftiness i have ever made or thought up!!!

i am so sad though. i am still camera-less. there are tons of things that i go to get the camera to take pictures of then i remember, "oh... the cameraS are broke." :( sayad. 

so, this weekend there was an AWESOME cold snap. i'm talking sweater, long sleeve, hat, scarf, socks, boots, hot beverage weather!! it was so lovely. we went to a festival in a little small town about an hour from home & walked around until it started raining & vendors called it quits in the frigid temps. doodle was wearing her hat & i got TONS of compliments & WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT!?!?'s. of course, i didn't have any cards with me *slaps head* DOH! but i wrote down my etsy store for some people & told them to check soon & i would have some infant hats up soon. :) i also may start doing some consignment work. i'm not sure how it all works out, but i'm excited for the chance to get out there. i just need to be a little more confident & chatty. i don't know why but i have a hard time trying to sell my own things. by that i mean, i have a hard time selling it up with words. i'm not as chatty lately & it just makes me ill. 

i have a new investor.... this is going to sound so funny, but it's my mom. she took me to the store today & bought me some yarn, felt, embroidery floss & needles. she's officially my private investor. she's hoping i can get a bunch of hats made for her to sell at work & for me to sell on consignment & to individuals. so fingers crossed everyone! fingers crossed! 

can i ask you guys a question? what would make my blog more fun? i've seen things like "what im wearing today" or "my journal entry" or "etsy finds" or reviews... but what do you like to read about? what do you like to see? let me know!!! ;)

well, thats all folks! have a g'night!


nataliexmarie said...

you have got to figure out how to fix at least ONE of the cameras! If anything, take some photos with the old faithful photobooth. :)
And, that's awesome that you have an "investor" as a mama! :)
good luck with all of the consignment potential. :)
love you! ♥

Priscila said...

oh my gosh! Seriously that is the cutest baby and hate ever! Your etsy store is to die for!! You are so talented!
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