Reasons I loved TODAY!

i've devised a master plan.
to tell you the reasons for 
loving today.
please enjoy
1. because i woke up late & still managed to look decent & have on clean clothes!
2. singing songs that bring on the worship.
3. sunday lunch at home.
4. teaching a craft to a fellow lovely.
5. planning to teach a craft to more fellow lovelies.
6. capturing pure beauty

7. being around someone who understands it all.
8. compliments on my handiwork.
9. handmade fall decorations
10. pumpkin pie blizzard
11. along trips to wal*mart
12. good advice from loving people
& finally
13. a comfy bed to sleep in & love bugs to cuddle with

hope you had a lovely sunday. 


Katherine said...

what's a pumpkin pie blizzard?! It sounds like fun! The cowl and hat are so gorgeous. pretty pretty :)

-heather- said...

a pumpkin pie blizzard is a treat from dairy queen. its icecream with pumpkin flavoring, crunchy piebits, whipped creme & spice. it was tasty!!! :) & thank you for the compilments! ill be adding them to etsy sometime soon ;)

ElizabethJane. said...

You're lovely and I love you :)

Can you email me that pic where I'm making a weird face at the camera?

Hope all's well tho, darling.
I'm not sure yet how tomorrow's gonna go,
but I wanna come to the lock-in!

I need you to look at my hat too...
i think I messed up something, but I dunno. And I'm definitely gonna need to add more yarn to it and have no idea how to do that either :P

Either way, we'll get together. I'll bring my books next time too!

AND I love you.

So yepp...that's it :)