i swear this time i will.....

actually make a blanket. honestly. i am going to do it. i will crochet atLEAST 7 squares a day! it is my personal goal to have this blanket done within 2 weeks. yep, two weeks.  
i started a ripple blanket way back in feb. of this year. i never quite finished it... and now when i look at it I feel as if it is growling at me, and that is not a pretty feeling. SO, I am crocheting a new blanket for Autumn in the same color scheme (sans the white) in grannies. Of course, I have to venture over to Attic24 for much needed inspiration & I learned how she joins her grannies together as she goes. It is a lovely thing & she's shown us how to do so very well! Just look on her side bar at the bottom & there will be couple of awesome tutorials! 
Well, I'm getting back to the drawing board! I'll keep you updated.

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