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Hi, there! How is blogger world? Everyone doing okay? I certainly hope so! I am sitting here in this sunny patch in my home, Doodle's room. She's napping sweetly in her crib (trying to get her used to it) while I sit in the rocking chair hooking away, listening to lovely ladies & boys Eisley and soaking up the sun light that filters through these blinds. It really is an awful thing that the sun is on the side of the house that only has one window. At least Doodle's room is a blissful soft lavender color and quite cozy in the floor department. 


I really would like to make her decor more cozy. I subscribe to one lovely lady who posts nursery room reviews everyday & I have to say Doodle's room is quite shabby... and not in the cute, good way. There are a lot of half completed ideas in here and things waiting to be hung and toys waiting for home and big things needing a home away from the living room. 

Her room is tiny.... all these pictures were taken from the middle of her room & every space on the walls are filled with furniture.. the placement is very hard to make it cutesy.. but intend on doing it! It may takes sometime.. but it will happen.

I would love for Doodle to have a space for the books & toys & little things we will be collecting like this gem I found at thrift store for $1.00

Isn't it darling? It has the CUTEST illustrations in it & every nursery rhyme known to man!

I want to print this out and use it on her walls, I just LOVE it!!! 

I would love her her room to have a touch of new with some vintage & handmade love in it too! I seriously want to make her a butterfly mobile! Those are so adorable!!! Right now the mobile we have in here is a shell wind chime that I have had for years in blue, green and white. 
I'll keep you posted on the little additions and collections we make to Doodle's room. I'll be on the hunt for some cuteness at thrift stores & yard sales!
Have A Happy Friday!!!

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