happy flowers and project updates

DAFFODILS!!!! Oh, they make my heart sing! They actually are really special to me! When Robin and I were dating he told me he had a surprise for me, but we would have to go hunt for it. So, we hop in his car and ride. The whole time Robin is being really sweet and romantic and he pulls over on the side of the road, cuts the lights off and asks me not to get outside of the car. In the moonlight I see him jumping all around this open field. I had no idea what he was doing, but he looked so cute doing it. I half thought he had lost his mind. When he came back to the car he had a HUGE fistful of wild daffodils. To this day, whenever I pass that spot on the road I can't help but smile, and the same with daffodils. :)

Annnnnd FINALLY I took some pictures of the projects I'm working on!! It's blanket time as you can see! The pretty colorful one (pink,blue, purple & green) is for baby Autumn (due in approx 90 days.) It's huge, I know. I used a normal sized pattern.. and didn't think to scale it down. Oh well, she'll have it for a long time. lol. And the other is a soild granny squares. I'm creating one very large granny square in my color scheme, then I will outline it will little granny squares in the same scheme. Who's excited? Me. Now, if only they didn't take so long to make. Honestly... blankets are tedious. I don't see how I'm going to find the energy to make them to sell.. I hope I get motivated.

Speaking of selling... I have an etsy account and store set up to put my handmade projects for sale. I plan on posting crocheted things, maybe some jewelry and maybe some paintings... who knows. I guess what ever strikes me or what ever nifty things I can dream up. Please, check it out!!

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