plans ruin

(natalie & i; nov. '08)
As it would seem, I never can accomplish what I set out to do. Either life gets in the way or technical difficulties. I was going to write up a fallish post, because it is finally feeling like fall in these parts and the chilly snap has inspired me. Robin and I decorated our house yesterday in our fall decor & I just wanted to share the lovelyness of it all, but my camera has decided to poop out on me. It won't cut on. I know the batteries aren't dead, so I'm not quite sure whats going on with it. So, until the camera is working again, I will leave you with some pictures from last year. :)I'm pretty sure it hasn't been that long since I've seen ^that one, but I miss her so. It seems like her and I have gotten closer these past few months and I know it's because we've seen each other frequently (& because we've actually been calling one another.) But living a few hours from your best friend really sucks. At least I know Natalie and I will see one another on my birthday & her birthday. I also know that this year we will take pictures under these same trees when we celebrate her birthday and all the November birthdays at her Grandmom's house. So, here's to traditions that start themselves

p.s; ONE week left on the GIVEAWAY, 
so tell all your friends to come by
 (don't be greedy & not tell anyone so you win, that's no fun!!! ;))

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nataliexmarie said...

I am so happy that we have seen each other several times over the past two months.
it fills my heart with joy
and my face with smiles.
And, yes. Here's to traditions that start themselves!
I love you, hxd. <3