Pretty Paper Snowflakes

I am really liking paper snowflakes this year! I've made a ton and have hung them up all over the house!

snowflake love

These lil ones are on the shelf above our bed. Which also holds one of my most cherished Christmas things. Can you see the toy box with the rocking horse on it? I've had it since I was a litle kid & whithout it, well, it just isn't Christmas. It's a musical box and it's so sweet to listen to! *sigh*

Don't the snowflakes cast such a pretty shadow?!

snowflake love
Here are a few more of my snowflakes hanging out with Heff the Elf.

Paper snowflake garland

Aren't these orange paper snowflakes amazing!! howaboutorange features a quick cutting guide for the flowery snowflake on the right!

paper snowflakes

I think it looks so magical to hang up paper snowflakes on windows! Especially, here when we don't ever have a white christmas (except that is snowed flurries all day today!!! nothing stuck though :{ )

They are super easy to make too!! I used this diagram for getting started!

I think I may be starting a Christmas tradition involving paper snowflakes! How cute would they be on a tree?!

Do you ever make paper snowflakes during Christmas?

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