Christmas so Good.

Merry Christmas Ya'll!!
I really hope everyone had a GREAT day with their families! It was so much fun to be with my brother and his sister today! We had a blast! Ate way too much food! It SNOWED! Can you BELIEVE IT! A WHITE CHRISTMAS. Granted it was tonight when it snowed, but still snow on Christmas in Georgia! It was beautiful!

I can not WAIT to get in to these!! The Hubs got me some "Nerd Fuel" as my cousin Daniel called it. And I think I will here on out refer to my books as nerd fuel! Love it! Hubby even got me TWO sets of Moleskine journals. Now I just need to save up the extra money I get for this
I've really missed my Journaling and getting these journals just gives me a lot of incentive! So, if anyone is feeling generous *wink wink!* I'm sure I'll be in the class though.

I've been using my new camera too! I LOVE IT! I put it to really good use! Here's a preview of whats to come on the blog! Maybe a pattern and tutorial for some adorbable crochet goods?

Ooh, wee. What could it be? Just wait and you will see! Get those crochet hooks ready, cause I am so excited to do my first *ahem*FIRST*ahem* tutorial. ;)

Love you all! I hope your Christmas is lovely and wonderful and filled with Great and Mighty Love.


Elis said...

Ooh oooh!!! I am super excited to see your tutorial!! :D
If it uses an H hook I'll have to get my butt to the store first, though--I broke my H hook in half last night working on those afghan squares! D: Adam glued it for me but I don't think it will hold up through any hardcore crocheting! ^^;

Courtney said...

I think I am going to just DIE if it is a tutorial for your fox hat! I keep showing Nektarios and telling him it will match his scarf I just made him! I can't wait to see!

P.S. Elis it is all about the metal hooks! They are perfect to work with!

Elis said...

Courtney--I'm totally going to get a metal hook to replace my broken one. I still can't believe it broke in half! I guess I am harder on my stuff than I realized. ^^;
Ooh, and I seriously hope the tutorial is for the fox hat, too! :D