Oh My Luce!

Brace yourselves. The pictures you are about to view are SPECTACULAR!

She is so simply perfect when it comes to crochet, design and tutorial making that is blows me away!

Here is her NEWEST TUTORIALS Crochet Bauble Decorations!

Stars and Rounds!

Aren't they divine?! I wish I could have made these for my ornament swap buddies! I think I still might! I still have their addresses! :)

You can read how to make these sweet little baubles here!

You can make your very own Star decorations!

Now, I have to go. I've got things to make!!! If you make/or like to browse crochet, you've GOT to check out the Attic 24 Inspired Crochet Pool on Flickr! It's wonderful to get lost there. So bright and happy. :)

Love you all! I hope you are having Fantablous Thursdays! The weekend is ALMOST here and there is talk of SNOWWWWW! YAY!

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