Heff the Elf

SEnior Heff the Elf

Meet Senior Heff! My little Strumpets Helper! He likes sitting on the shelf where my paper snowflakes hanf while he watches us go about our daily lives. He's a proper Elf with a stash to boot! He most loves his pointy hat, from which he can hang if he so pleased!
Becky from Strumpets Crumpets sent Heff in the mail the other day and what a treat! It was kinda tricky to hold the teeny tiny edges but with my favorite glue stick and clear tape he's all put together! I totally see how paper crafts can be addictive! After all, I have been cutting up snowflakes EVERYDAY! Yes. I am obsessed. It's quite a stress reliever though.

I've been reading again! :)
I accepted a trade for this book last week and I am so glad i did! It was so good! I love the story and it is very engrossing! I can't wait to get the next book 'Linger' it is super cool and the whole book is written in green ink! GREEN! How fun?
Right now I'm reading Strange Angels Betrayals on my iPod. I didn't know it was the second novel... so um, I just figured that out while looking for a picture to post. wow. Um. I am kinda distrubed right now. I mean I was a little lost in some of the referencecs, but I just figured it would all be spelled out later... ha. Well, I'm really into this one and now I'm not quite sure what to do. Read the first one or just keep reading the second. Geez. I'm a nut case. LOL.


Becky Farley said...

oh my gosh!!!! Heff is so cute!! lol

I LOVE making snowflakes too!!! No two are alike!! ;)

Elis said...

Aww! He's so cute! I love those cut & fold papercrafts like that, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE making snowflakes!! I'd love to see pictures of your snowflakes sometime. :D