Christmas Tunage

One of the coolest things about Chistmas to me is the fact that the music that we listen to is in it's very own genre! Summer doesn't have a genre and neither does fall, but Christmas has it own unique sound! Every band pretty much has a Christmas album tucked away somewhere in their history! It's so much fun hearing my favorite bands come out with their own style of classic Christmas songs or even better making new ones!

A few years back I sat down and made my own Christmas playlist and every year I listen to it! It's a compelation of traditional and new Christmas tunes that make me so happy and in the "Christmas Spirit!"

perfect christmas tunes

1. John Lennon- Happy Christmas

2. The Drifters- White Chiristmas (Home Alone) I giggle everytime I hear this song and it never gets old!!

3. Brenda Lee- Jingle Bell Rock

4. Casting Crowns- Christmas Offering

5. Save Ferris- Christmas Wrapping (this is so funny! and kinda anti-christmas!)

6. Frank Sinatra (swoon)- Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

7. Bing Crosby- White Christmas (So, lovely!!)

8. Nat King Cole- O Holy Night

9. Trans Siberian Orchestra- Carol of the Bells (this song is a HUGE jam in our family!)

10. Alvin and the Cipmunks- Chirstmas

11.Paul McCartney- Wonderful Christmas Time

12. Jimmy Eat World- Last Christmas

13. The Grinch Song

14. Cindy Lou-Who/ Faith Hill - Where are You Christmas?

15. Brenda Lee- Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

16. Down Here- How Many Kings (I could listen to this one all year long! So Beautiful. Just listen to the lyrics!)

See what I mean? Christmas music is so much fun! There are Christmas songs that move me so much, like the last one. The first time I heard it was last year and I cried. Lyrically, it's so beautiful! How many kings stepped down from their thrones? ... How many fathers gave up their sons for me? Only one did that for me... *sigh*

There are tons more, but these are just the ones I have on my Ipod. What songs do you love for Christmas time!? What songs just make the magic of Christmas to you?!

ps; crafty friends, what do you think about web rings? I'm thinking of making a crafty/crochet web ring so that all crochet lovers can be in one spot! I am looking for more crochet blogs and if you know of some please share! I love looking around at what other people are working on! The web ring would be FREE, no sponors or anything, just a page dedicated to crafty people! How awesome would that be? Tell me your thoughts!


cuppy said...

You know what's funny? I am actually very anti-Christmas music. It drives me INSANE !!!!!! I realize most people absolutely LOVE it but, I'm one of the few who would rather stick ice picks in their ears than listen to it.

That said, I *DO* like two Christmas songs. One being "Christmas Wrapping" *BUT* it absolutely NEEDS to be the original version by The Waitresses.

The other one I like is "Last Christmas" by Wham!

Other than that, I am all set. This is a huge reason why hate going out to do anything that involves me going into a store because you get bombarded with it (and usually at an insane volume) & it makes me stabby.

Kind of interesting how different we are in this respect, no?


heather dawn said...

I think it's great!! Lol! I do hate it when the BLARE Christmas music! And I do stray way from the radio stations that play it all month! So, I totally sympathize with you!
I never knew there was another version of Christmas wrapping!! I'm going to check it out!

cuppy said...

Tons of people have remade it but the original is by far, the BEST one !!!


Elis said...

Oh man, I haven't been part of a webring since like, 1999! ^^;
Obviously I don't have a crochet blog, but I'm game if you're allowing in people that may blog about crochet once in a while! ^^;

heather dawn said...

elis, I KNOW what happened to web rings!? I'm thinking of calling it something else... if you peek at my flickr you'll see! lol!

Elis said...

Webrings were cool, I was in a ton of them back in the day....most of them hosted through Bravenet, lol. :)
Ahahaha, I just checked your flickr! I think that is an AWESOME name! I love it!! :D :D :D