Blah Fizzle

This week has kind of been blah fizzle. I've been super exausted lately and I'm not quite sure why.
So, it's funny to me that the best part of my week so far was last night. We watched Easy A last night with the fam... it was HALIROUS! I love Emma Stone! I think she is just the coolest! She's so gorgeous too!
So, I guess this is going to be a "girl crush" post! Lol!

Intellectual Hilarity! check!

making crazy faces. check.

glitter letters. check.

super killer leather jacket. check.
Am I super envious? Check.
Seriously... she's funny, she's a RED HEAD, and she seems like she would be really cool to be around!
I wish I were in a super awesome crafty motivated mood to stimulate all you crafty bits out there, but I am totally off this week! I hold still to the philosophy that this is the strangest, most depressing week of the year. I think I posted about it last year... It's like the twilight week, where nothing quite matters because the year is over and a new one is about to begin...
Anyway, I'm sure we don't want to delve into the blackhole that is my thought process.. What are you doing for New Years? We're going to watch Inception (AGAIN, yes, this is like the 5th time.) with the youth group kids, then have a Church lock in. Our lock ins are so funny... we don't do anything cool or super exciting, but we just hang out and play Sardines (a reverse type of hide & go seek. One person hides in the TOTAL darkness and everyone has to find them and hide with them. There is always one or two people who are left searching in the darkness for the whole group of people hiding. We play this game for HOURS. It's kind of sad.
So, I will be back on my regular scheduled crafty brained self once I get through this sludge I'm feeling. Love you bits and bobs!

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