Blog or BLAGH?

Blog or blagh?:

this is the part where i ramble about nothing... maybe something

Are you of the sort who thinks that a blog should be personal or that it should be for business/profit, etc?

I've been really getting into a lot more blogs recently and the more I come across the more corporate they seem. I don't exactly know my stand on this yet. But I do feel my self pulling away from these types of blogs. I like the more personal ones. The parts where the writer tells me who they are. The parts where they make me feel like I'm apart of their blog. I'm not just some authentic hit or a target audience. Granted, I think it's AMAZING that a blogs make money and generate business.

I don't really have a "destination" for this blog.. and I spent the better part of yesterday reading old posts to try and figure out what my blog came "across" as. Is it a craft blog? A personal blog? An inspirational blog? I honestly have no clue. I do feel like it's my blog. It's about the things that I like and am inspired by. I follow people who I feel a generally kindred spirit with or have inspired me.

There is a point in my blog writing where everything CHANGED. I stopped complaining about everyday life and I started journaling. I used this space on the web to connect with people and share my love of crocheting and journaling. It's because of Janel's 30 Day Journal Challenge. It shook me out of my perpetual slump and got my mind focused. I thought outside of my daily problems and turned it into art. Those prompts started something inside me that got me to this place where my blog is. I feel like my blog has just grown up so much and me with it. I still could complain here, and a lot of time I will come write a grumpy post. I hesitate on the PUBLISH button and just leave it in the drafts. Just getting the words out was all I needed.

So, I guess my blog is just a cronological list of what happens in my days, my thoughts, and my crafty spaces.

I don't want to make a GOAL for my blog, because I honestly suck at goals. I'm getting better at accomplishing what I set out to do. I just want to connect with people. I want to share fun things about crafting and myself. And I hope that really shines through.

What do you think about this blog and your own? Do you feel like personal blogs are more intersting or do you feel like business-ey blogs have more appeal?


amylou said...

I'm with you Heather! I really liked this post! I love to read blogs that are more personal. Maybe because that is my style of blogging anyway.
If you are interested I have a giveaway going on at my blog right now.
Just some handmade goodies.

Amylou <3

cuppy said...

I like more personal blogs too. However, I have a hard time really opening up & posting super personal things myself. But that's just ME. I am a really private person so it feels kind of uneasy for me to really open up & post about certain things. I think I am pretty personal on my blog but there's definitely a line I draw. I've been burned really badly in the past on a previous blog I had on LJ from people who were claiming to be my "friends" so since then, I've more or less clammed up & have had an even harder time being super open.

I wish that I didn't care & I wasn't like that but the reality is, I am & I can't help it.


Elis said...

It's about the things that I like and am inspired by. <---- This. This is why I love reading your blog...it is genuine, funny, honest, and cute. I don't know you very well yet, but I feel like it's totally "you". :) That's all that matters to me, really. I do look at "commercial" blogs from time to time, but I tend not to come back to them if I don't feel a connection to the person who is writing. I think interaction is a big part of the whole thing. I mean, you can leave a comment at a big commercial blog, but you're just one of dozens or even hundreds of people doing so, and you never know if the person ever reads what you say. :/

As for me, I don't really know what kind of blog I have...I guess it's sort of a hodgepodge. :) I sometimes feel like I'm just talking to myself when I'm posting, but I hope that eventually I'll get past that awkward feeling and "find my voice", so to speak. Maybe my posts will be more interesting then. ^^;


Courtney said...

I totally love our blog the way it is. I like reading about your day and your crafts and various goings on. It's honest and genuine and your not trying to fit into any kind of 'blog mold' if you know what I mean.
I feel that the blogs that I stick with are from girls who I have become close to and I have pretty much given up on 'commercial' blogs. I totally feel that my current blog roll does not reflect the kind of blog reader that I am (I wish I could start that part over but oh well!)
As for me and my blog- I never thought that anyone would really ever read it. I think it is pretty important that I write genuinely about myself and I have lost many readers over the course of writing my blog but the ones who stick around and read it I really feel a connection with. I read and reread every single comment and try to respond to many of them. Yes, my blog had some parts to do with my business but I try to make it fun and really and honest to who I am...I think that is really all you can do. It is kinda transparent when a blog isn't.