you're gonna miss this...

when you have your first child 
and seasoned veteran parents
tell you that you will 
miss these days

don't roll your eyes
huff and puff in your mind
and think how could you miss
those nights where precious sleep was lost
and nerves were worn thin

just smile and grin
because in just a few short weeks
you to will realize the importance 
of those words

they understood that newborns to quickly 
become infants and toddlers
and that time literally evaporates
in the blink of an eye

doodle is now 5 months old (well, almost.) it's scary how fast she's grown

this is her first photo shoot for mommy's crochetlove. she was happy at first
but it quickly turned into a littly bit of fussyness
then full out pissed mode 
then she fell asleep

these really made me what to cry... because when we brought her home she was so tiny
i was so scared for her to be in her car seat,
which seemed to swallow her whole
i was terrified to bathe her because 
she was so fragile and little
scared for her to sleep anywhere other than next to me
because what if she stopped breathing?
she had to be close
because something this sweet 
just needs to be cherished
and loved
and loved
and loved
and hugged
and snugged
and loved
because she's an angel
even when she's upset and mad
she's an angel and she's mine
this is my little girl
my namesake 
parts of me
the best parts
this is my daughter
and no matter how quickly she grows
i will cherish every moment
4 months 3 weeks


sarasophia said...

I am in tears...and I feel exactly the same way. I had to leave Pix for the first time ever this past week for a business conference. She stayed with her Daddy the whole time but, now that I'm back I almost feel like she's mad at me with her fussiness and grouchy fits.

But really I'm mad at myself. I feel so guilty for having "deserted her" and I just keep telling myself I will never do that to us again.

She is my only tiny fairy...and I need her so much.

Thank you for writing that.
It was beyond beautiful.

-Sara Sophia

OOHSNAP natattack! said...

Oh my. Those pictures are beautiful.
and that tiny little hat. my oh my.
I can't wait to have a little one of my own.
but, until then, I will live through you & continue loving on your little one until I have my own. :)