okAy so.
me trying to "customize" my blog ended up me completely screwing it up. I used to be really good at HTML... what the heck happened? Who knows. Ha, so I went back to my template... and still it's not even like it was. oh well. I'll try again later. 

i made COOKIES!!! today. Yes, chocolate chip. They turned out PERFECT!!!!! I nearly burned down the house. The oven door wasn't closed all the way & I guess thats why my entire home filled up with smoke while I was changing Doodle's diaper. Anyways, they are soft and mushy and perfectly golden. I figured out the trick today. Don't melt the butter and add the eggs just before the flour. The mixture finally turned out as dough compared to cake batter. Did I mention they are DELICIOUS? I've been on a baking kick lately. It's probably not a good habit to be forming, considering the state of this body of mine and the growing state of that boys too. ;) we're getting plump. We're storing up fat in case of famine and widespread panic. (seriously, things to consider.) ;) 

it's officially thursday and TOMORROW I get to Natalie's house. There I will craft till my eyes bleed. Drink tea till I feel drunk. Laugh until I cry. Gabb untill I pass out. And take pictures until I am blinded and have so much fun it is REDONKULOUS! Yes. redonkulous.

re.donk'u.lous adj. 

1. significantly more absurd than ridiculous to an almost impossible extreme; without possibility of serious consideration. 

2. fitted to excite absolute ridicule; intentionally crazy and silly; completely absurd and laughable. 

"redonkulous" - as first popularized by the fictional character Seth Cohen on FOX's The O.C.

i.e. My weekend will be so awesome it will be redonkulous.
My house is so messy it is redonkulous.
It is redonkulous to think that I should say ridiculous instead.

thank ya! have a nice day now, ya'her!


OOHSNAP natattack! said...

favorite post ever.
however, it is redonkulous that I have to open safari when I want to leave you a comment. hrm. silly computer. anywho.
we can bake this weekend too! I need to get some supplies but we can totally veg out! I am SO exited!!

ElizabethJane. said...

Hope you have fun!
I know you will :)