these two are unstoppable.
unless there is tea & photoshoots.
beware. they will go 100 miles per hour
come to a screeching halt for a snack and a short nap.
then proceed to go on for hours again. seriously. they are hard to keep up with.

i had a blast at natalie's house! i didn't get rested... but i had so much fun. i stayed up till 4 every morning and laughed and crafted and died my hair and watched a movie and ichatted and hugged and ate peanut butter fudge and screamed the national anthem because WE SAW FIREWORKS PEOPLE! FIREWORKS!! needles too say when I got home sunday night around 7 I hugged everyone. ate some dinner and went to bed at 9.30. :D and slept till 10.30am. I was TIRED. but it was so worth every minute of it!!! 
Hopefully, later I can post some more pictures of our adventures. but, if i don't know what the internet here at autumn lane has gone out. somethings have to be sacrificed this week and the internet and t.v. is the only one that is not a necessity. you understand & won't hold it against me. i will update when i can... but no promises. :) I do love my followers and PLEASE stay tuned!!

ALSO; I have a CRAFT show coming up soon!!! SEPT. 18&19 in Gainsville, GA I'm so excited. I will be selling some of my crocheted items!!! don't forget to check out my store on ETSY! 

much love,

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OOHSNAP natattack! said...

I'm not sure if you see something that I see in this picture...
think about how we hold our cups...
it's something we apparently both do & are both doing here.

soul sisters.
that's me & you.

this weekend was so refreshing.
I am so glad that our husbands understand our need for each other.
and that they give us that freedom to get a break when we need it.

love you friend.