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Hello, lovelies! I made it to and from my weekend trip safely! In the midst of all the rain & flooding here in the atl., I'm surprised it wasn't worse when I came through on Saturday. Anyways, I have tons to tell you about and a few pictures to show you and even a SURPRISE!! Yes, a surprise & trust me you will want to tell all your friends! ;)our set up on day one @ the emporium. no one wanted to take a peek at what we had going on.. so we moved things around a bit at the end of the day. 
I finally got around to typing some sort of bio/explanation for heatherlymade. It is very strange how I HAVE to be away from home to have some sort of creative edge to come up with witty little sayings.. but I finally birthed some cute little words. I'll probably change my about me info to this.. so you will see it soon. (if you want a quick peek, just zoom in on that thang! ;)

this is a little quickie i hooked up the day before the show. I used some lion brand thick-n-quick I've had since last Christmas & I have to say that this scarf is so soft and squishy that I really hoped it didn't sell. And well, it didn't. :D (but thats really another story & I'll talk about it a little later...)
we had a sign up sheet for a GIVEAWAY! and only a few people signed up! SO.... GUESS WHAT!?!? We're going to EXTEND our little give away to our ONLINE friends.. seeing as how we had to use some "fake" names to get out list going (no-one wanted to be the first to sign up.. you know how people are sometimes. ;)) SO.. go to the BOTTOM of this post for details!!!!!!
Natalie displayed her crafty business cards in this cute tea cup!
some crafy business of natalie's. can i just say that if you  like owls, leaves or birds, you will LOVE her earrings. very soon she will post some more things to her etsy & you guys should really show her some love. her debut wasn't as amazing as she had hoped for & her earrings are way to cute & amazing to go unnoticed and whatnot. check out her etsy- www.nataliexmarie.etsy.com

my little leafy necklaces were a BUST. can YOU BELIEVE THAT!? I so thought they would be the hit of the day, but it seems that they were not. What did sell was my little happy dishcloths!!! Can you believe that?! I had a customer come by and she touched and felt and picked them up & asked me to hold them for her. She purchased all of my dishcloths (plus the 3 more I made the first night to put out for the next day), a set of flowered coasters, my little hippie head band, the three chains headband & some flower appliques. I was so happy that she was there at the show. she sent over her friend who also bought some flower appliques. she was a fellow crocheter so i had to share some tiny secrets with her about where to find some awesome patterns. so. I had two customers. Natalie had one customer besides me & her friend Mandy. Her customer was a little girl probably about 12 or 13. Her and a little friend came up and were so grown-up about picking out some earrings. They loved all of natalie's pairs and had a very grown up discussion on how to purchase a pair. It was funny to listen to.

Well, all around it was an adventure and a lesson to learn about the art of selling things. First lesson learned, you have to sell in a market where your things are what people want. Where we were was the wrong market place for our things. Second, your display is WHO you are as a seller and WHAT you want someone to see you as... so make a lasting impression. Third, sitting back and watching reactions is the best way to find out what your work is like. I really felt like I was an okay crocheter... after this weekend I feel like I am really great at it. I received so many compliments on how nice my work was & how beautiful things were. I was very pleased with that. And the last bit of information I learned was this, craft shows are BORING to be at all day... at least we had a few good things to occupy our time with, like the man beside us who was selling his homemade bidet...yea, little toilet squirter... (and let me tell ya he sold a BUNCH of them.. a little creepy) and the man across from us who was just to LARGE to understand what was going on exactly and the AWFUL music they played (it was like being in a crappy elevator with crappy piano music all day.
Needless to say, I had fun, I sold somethings and I learned somethings. Keep checking my etsy from time to time... I will slowly be adding some new products left over from the sale. I have tons of things I made and didn't add!!

ok, what you're all waiting for- A GIVE-A-WAY:
Natalie and I put together a little give way with some nice little things from her and some nice little things from me. SO... I will be taking some pictures & posting some cute words here in the next few days & you'll have to tell everyone & after a few days we will announce the winner after a random drawing. so, stay tuned for that!!!!

thank you all for reading my insanely long post.. im off to bed. i hope i can fall asleep with this pounding headache i have!

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OOHSNAP natattack! said...

I had a really bad headache the other day too. It must be the rain... I felt horrible!

I had so much fun with you over the weekend.

We will find a craft show that fits our needs. :)