tomorrow I head up to my bestie's house. we are starring in our first ever craft show. i am a bundle of nerves for two reasons...
i have a few items. 7 leafy necklaces, 5 flower laraits, 5 sets of coasters, 2 sets of facical scrubbies, 3 coffee cozys, 2 headbands, 2 dish cloths, 1 bag, 1 scarf & 1 wallet. oh and some crochet flowers.
i feel as if i don't quite have enough. or the thing that will sell, it what i don't have  a lot of. i really think that everyone will love the flower headband. it's a brown headband with an orange flower and green leaf. it makes me giddy with excitement because the colors are perfect together. but i am really worried i won't sell anything... but I'm going to deny that tendency to worry and insert my FAITH that I will sell everything & I will come home with custom orders!

this will be my first time traveling a long(er) distance with doodle. we'll be driving nearly 200 miles alone. currently, she hates being in the car & her car seat in general, but hopefully tomorrow she will just sleep her little sweet self the whole way up there! *fingers crossed*

(picture uploader hates me. otherwise there would be photos. i'll take somemore tomorrow after we've set up and let you guys see what our table looks like!!)

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