pictures worth

you bet'cha i dyed my hair! cinnamon stick. you know how "they" say blondes have more fun? well in heatherland, redheads do. so. when in heatherland do as the redheads do. have more fun!

here are the cute, happy dish cloths I promised. it seems crochet never quite turns out great in my photos, but these are some brighly colored do-dad sure to make your kitchen sink, bath tub or where ever else you need 100% cotton squares happy and bright! did i mention they make you HAPPY? :) because its like spring or sunshine all day long. dishwashing needs to be fun...  ;) dont'ya think!
(if you'll peek in the photo below, there is the other bit i was talking about earlier. the dish cloth in a brown, pink & green color scheme! before I add the brown, it reminds me of watermelons :) i know everything is all spring colors, but I just can't help it. i like bright junk. it's all in the up bringing. rainbow bright ruined me.)

there is a lovely man* in my life.
while i sit on the couch hooking and watching t.v.
he is in the kitchen baking.
baking his first ever peanut butter cookies.
he is giddy as they turn out to be HUGE cookie cakes.
he realizes that the top rack does best for this particular recipe.
he fixes me a glass of milk and brings me goodies. 
he cleans up his mess when he is done.
*that boy<3
i.love.him. :)

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