a piece of advice...

yard sales ware you out.
friday night set up in the dark. didn't go to bed till 2.30a.m
woke up at 5.30 a.m. 
started getting stuff out & ready at 6.30.
by 2:00 I was sunburnt, tired and aggravated.
then we had to pack everything up & take it home.
always have a yard sale at your own place. it sucks to have to load and unload stuff multiple times.


ElizabethJane. said...

However, sometimes yard sales yield yummy yellow purses that you ever so sweetly give to your friends and make them SO HAPPY.

I love it, girl, srsly.

And I love you.

-heather- said...

i am so glad you love it!!!! :D i had fun gathering your birthday gifts!! i have to say your obsession with yellow was what made it so fun! I was determined for everything to be yellow!!

Helena said...

we don't have yard sales where i live
i really feel like i'm completely missing out!!