late nights, early mornings

i am up late, again. 
and honestly, i love it.
but then again, i so love sleeping. 

hello. world. i am watching glee at 2.30 a.m. and picking up my lovely new dishcloth and turning and working, turning and working. well, actually just working round... but you know. The las dishcloths I made I used a hot pink, orange and purple color scheme. This time I'm using a dusky pink, sage green and chocolate brown. i have to admit, they are sweet! i'll post pics soon! promise.
i have a new oppertunity that might be coming up soon. more details to come later, but lets just say that I really want to hear from God about this. and if it all works out then it was his will OR if it is not his will he will let me know.
well, i am back to glee and crocheting. love y'all!

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